What numbers bring bad luck?

What numbers bring bad luck?

In pop culture there is the term Club 27. A peculiar association brings together musicians who are united by talent, fame and untimely death at the age of (yikes!) 27.Among the most famous members of the club are Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse. Coincidence or fate?

There has long been a belief that numbers accompany events. In every corner of the world, numbers are assigned a positive or negative meaning.Sometimes this is due to beliefs recorded in the holy books of religions, and sometimes to superstitions that are strong in a particular cultural circle.Numerology also provides information on the content that numbers carry.So let’s check which numbers are unlucky and why?

Unlucky numbers in numerology

In numerology, three numbers in particular are notorious for their bad luck. These are: 15, 17 and 23. The negative meaning of the number 15 comes from the tarot. The Devil card has this very number. It signifies giving in to the lowest instincts and excessive attachment to material things, and in the inverted position – imposed shackles in the form of addictions and dependence on people who do not have a good influence on us.On the other hand, the fateful reputation of the number 17 is related to the fact that when you add up its digits, you get an eight. This number in astrology corresponds to Saturn, which symbolizes suffering and limitations. The number 23, on the other hand, expresses discord and chaos. So does the Greek goddess Eris, whose attribute is a golden apple, and with whom the number is otherwise identified.

Superstitions and beliefs

In Asia, the ominous significance of numbers is attributed to their pronunciation, which is identical to words that herald tragedy. Among the most unlucky numbers is 4, or “shi.” Four is pronounced the same as the word “death.”That’s why in China or Japan the number 4 is avoided in apartment numbering, and even the fourth floor in buildings is omitted (the third floor is followed by the fifth).In Japan, the unlucky number is also, for a similar reason, 9. The pronunciation of 9, or “kyu,” sounds exactly like the word “suffer.” The situation is a little different in Western culture, where the unlucky meaning of numbers is perceived in the Bible. The first of these is the number 11, which symbolizes excess and sin. It exceeds the number of the Ten Commandments. Another ominous number is 13, which is unquestionably associated with misfortune and disaster. It is called the devil’s dozen for good reason. During their wanderings through the desert, the people of Israel defied God’s will thirteen times. The Sabbaths were attended by twelve witches and Satan himself. Finally, 666, which is the number of the devil. In the 13th chapter of the Revelation of St. John it is written: “He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast: for the number is a man. And his number: six hundred and sixty-six.” The Beast is understood as Satan, so for Christians 666 is a cursed number.

How to get rid of bad luck?

Let’s not get crazy! Numbers, even those commonly considered unlucky, can turn out to be lucky. It is not worth falling into fear of them. It may turn out that we miss the valuable clues behind them.For example, in a situation where we think the number 15 is associated with bad events in our lives, it is worth considering the values we hold and the people we surround ourselves with – do they not influence us destructively? Any number can turn out to be lucky for us, just as any number can turn out to be unlucky. It all depends on whether we skillfully use the wisdom behind them. In other words, whether we recognize the warnings and opportunities that the numbers point to.

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