Ritual for getting your dream job

Ritual for getting your dream job

In this article I present a ritual for getting a job. It is arranged in such a way that it can be performed both by people who want to get a job, change to another job or get a promotion in their current job. Of course, to begin with, I traditionally remind you of any health and safety rules you should keep in mind. So, for each ritual, prepare carefully and approach the formulation of your intentions with caution. Remember that every ritual you perform works. Just because sometimes a ritual won’t produce the results you would like at the time, doesn’t mean that the energies haven’t been moved. Since this is what happened, you should sit down and think about whether I did everything as indicated in the ritual, how much I was involved in performing the action. In addition, the most important question is whether by chance there is anything in my space that could be significantly blocking me from achieving this goal. Have I added additional activities to help make my goal happen. All this and much more has an impact on the success of a given ritual. That’s why you may have noticed that I spread out some of the rituals, especially those for attracting positive aspects into our lives, over two or even three days. Why? Well, as a rule, on the first day I want you to focus on activities that cleanse you of unnecessary, blocking energies. They can be a serious ballast in achieving your goal. This is also the case with this ritual for getting a job. It is divided into two days, where on the first day you purify yourself, and on the second day you only perform activities aimed at realizing your intention.

All the rituals I give you are of my own making, and as such I ask that you do not change their ingredients or execution. Unless you have many years of practice and can use substitutions, and create your own rituals.

The ritual for attracting a promotion or a job is best performed between the new moon and the full moon.


Activities on the first day of the ritual are not necessary to perform, while they can help materialize the purpose of the ritual even faster. The main purpose of these activities is to cleanse yourself of minor dirt and energy blockages so that the energy can start flowing properly and uninterruptedly and work to your advantage. Below I list the ingredients you will need to perform the ritual.


– table salt;

– thyme;

– rosemary;

– oak bark;

– A black candle, white may be substituted;

– plastic bag;

– small bowl;

– shower gel;

– a plastic bowl for soaking feet;

– water.

If any of you don’t know where to get oak bark, just buy it at the drugstore, just not the kind in bags for brewing, but in bulk in a package. Thyme and rosemary, on the other hand, will probably have most of you among the kitchen spices. Candle my dears if you have time, order or buy black. If, on the other hand, you don’t have time, because you are anxious to perform the ritual quickly, then a white or natural wax candle can do.

Casting the spell:

First you prepare a cleansing concoction, which you will then rub on your body and then rinse with water.

Sew a small bowl into which you pour enough table salt, thyme and rosemary so that the concoction is enough to cover your entire body. You then pour the salt and herbs over the shower gel and mix together to form a paste. While mixing, say the following words:


Another important step is to put 1/3 cup of oak bark into a liter of water and brew it under a lid. Such a finished infusion you pour into a bowl of water. Remember that the infusion will be hot, so let the rest of the water be lukewarm. In such an infusion you soak your legs for 10 minutes. While doing this, light a candle (sew it beforehand and put it next to you). When liquid wax is produced, take the candle in your hands and drip the wax into the bowl of water three times (having your legs immersed in this water), each time saying the following words:


Once you have done this you extinguish the candle, still sitting in the bowl. You then break the extinguished candle in half and put it in a plastic bag. After these actions and when 10 minutes have passed you get out of the bowl and pour the water into the toilet. Throw the candle in the garbage. Then you take the concoction of salt and herbs, which you cooked earlier, to the shower and, after washing yourself of the daily grime, you rub it all over your body (except your head). Rubbing yourself and keeping this concoction on you for a while, imagine that all negative energies from you, are soaked up by this concoction. Finally, rinse everything off of you. If you feel the need to wash off your body with the liquid you can do so, although it is not a necessary procedure.

This concludes the first day of the ritual.


On this day, you perform the culminating action to attract a new job or get a promotion in your current one. On the screen you have listed the ingredients you will need for this.


– yellow candle, or one made of natural wax;

– candle stand;

– a piece of cloth, or a ready-made bag of any color;

– if you have sewn the material, then you will need thread or ribbon of any color, to tie the material;

– a small sheet of paper;

– a pen;

– a vessel to burn the piece of paper;

– a mixture of dried herbs (e.g., basil, parsley, nettle, sage, allspice, cinnamon, cloves) – choose an odd number of them, that is, either 3 or 5 or 7 – a teaspoon of each herb;

– natural resinous incense (benzoe siam, tonka bean, myrrh or olibanum). You can choose one of these or omit this ingredient, although it would be more beneficial to use it.


Arrange all the ingredients in a designated area where you will perform the ritual. If any of you wish to use incense, which, as I mentioned, is not a prerequisite for the ritual, then you fire this incense and incense the ritual space and yourself.

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