Love magic in Kenya

Love magic in Kenya

How is it that some men, despite numerous temptations, remain faithful to their partners or wives? Even when they don’t see them for a long time due to work away from home? Kenyan men say it is due to the love charm cast on them by their chosen women.

It is jokingly said that “there is not so much hatred in hell as there is in the heart of a betrayed woman.” However, this problem does not seem to apply to Kenyan women. Their husbands, who leave their home villages for big cities in search of work, even if they wanted to taste intimacy with another woman, are unable to. And this is due to the magic of juju, which Kenyan women eagerly reach for. Because, according to their accounts, it guarantees their spouse’s fidelity. And not only that!

The way to get a man

Every now and then, the Kenyan press presents real-life stories that point to the effectiveness of juju magic. In 2015, a Nairobi woman told the local press about the juju spells she subjected her husband to, which proved very powerful. Well, she went to the sorcerers of Mombasa. She received a mysterious concoction from them, which she administered to him without her husband’s knowledge. From then on, whenever her spouse talks to another woman without the presence of his beloved, he calls her and informs her. And it doesn’t stop there! Because this man, who is otherwise a government official, hands his spouse his entire paycheck. Also in 2015, but this time directly in Mombasa, the local press covered the story of a local evangelical church pastor. This 35-year-old man abandoned his family and community for a 60-year-old female parishioner whom, according to his words, he could not resist. The woman’s friends explained that this is not the first marriage she has broken up. And she owes her charm to the magic of juju. There are naturally many more such relationships. So what is the effectiveness of juju magic?

Juju guarantees love

Juju magic is very popular in Kenya. The sorcerers (waganga) who deal with it have their hands full. They create magical talismans that guarantee happiness and a successful marriage. Sometimes, however, this is not enough. Hence they are also engaged in composing magical potions. In order to prepare them, ingredients are needed that are (to put it mildly) repellent. It is not uncommon to need hair from the intimate area of the man who is the subject of the sorcery, his bodily fluids and the underwear of a woman who wishes to ensure her partner’s undying fidelity and love. At the sorcerer’s, these ingredients go into a cauldron, where they boil together with mysterious herbs, while the waganga utters certain magic formulas. After a few hours, the love potion is ready. At home, the woman serves it to her unsuspecting husband for a meal. Or at the earliest opportunity to a man with whom she has entered into an intimate relationship and whom she wishes to keep with her. Demand for juju love magic is so high in Kenya that it is not surprising that the local press almost every day describes stories that testify to the effectiveness of juju magic

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