Could someone have cast a bad spell on me?

Could someone have cast a bad spell on me?

Sometimes we feel that suddenly our lives are falling apart and no matter what we do, nothing seems to work out for us. And when it starts to fall apart, it falls apart in practically every sphere of our lives. We can’t communicate with our partner or there is a breakup. We can’t meet the right man for us and we are constantly alone. Work doesn’t meet our expectations, and although we put effort into it, we don’t achieve anything we set for ourselves. Or worse, we lose our job and can’t find a new one for a long time. Financial problems arise, we get into debt, we start getting sick. Nothing works out for us.

Am I or my family under the influence of a curse ?

We struggle with our emotions, wonder why this is happening and suddenly it occurs to us that someone has cast an evil spell on us. This becomes for us the simplest explanation for a series of unfortunate events in our lives, and what’s more, we begin to believe that forces beyond our control are acting on us. Sometimes we are even able to point to the person who definitely cast the charm on us and we screw ourselves up even more in our conjectures and suspicions.

Bad spell vs. autosuggestion

I’ll admit frankly and openly – I’m not a fan of the theory about the influence of spells or curses on human life. In fact, it is we ourselves who give them power. A bad spell or curse works because we believe that someone has cursed us or cast a bad spell on us. This is what the power of autosuggestion is all about, and with our belief in the bad spell ourselves, we can give it power.

How to check if someone has cursed me ?

Instead of reinforcing the belief that someone has cast a bad spell on us, instead of believing it, let’s think about why this is happening in our lives, what could have contributed to it. Let’s look for the answer in whether we have some debts or karmic lessons to work through, whether it is sometimes the case that we have neglected our own development, focusing too much on our careers, on the pursuit of material goods, on putting all our energy into a relationship, so that we have forgotten first and foremost about ourselves, our dreams, our needs. Let’s consider whether sometimes our lives are not heading in the wrong direction and we have just collided with a kind of deceleration threshold. Our problems should be a signal to us that we need to change something in our life, because it is going in the wrong direction for us.

Let’s remember that a bad spell or curse is first born in our heads, and it is we who give them the power to make things happen, believing that they have an impact and project them into our lives.

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