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Throughout history, witchcraft has had a notoriously bad image. Most of the world associates witches with pure evil, and a mere glance into the past will make you realize just how bad a reputation witches had, with fatal witch hunts and numerous trials in which witches were burned at the stake. But in recent years, witchcraft has been popularized and spread by pop culture. Love spells are used to attract love. These spells come in various forms: potions, written texts, rituals, burning candles or using dolls. The “love me” love spell is designed to attract a specific person into your life. Read on to learn about seven love spells and how to cast them.

Spell using a pink candle

Candles are an essential feature of love spells. They act as a medium to drive a strong attraction between two people. In love spells, pink candles symbolize spirituality and love. They do not generate any negative energy, which is an excellent reason to use a pink candle during a love spell. Spells using a pink candle do very powerful magic when the intentions behind the spell are pure and good. If your love is pure and your intentions are clear, the pink candle will help you get the results you want.

How to cast a spell using a pink candle ?

Light a new and unused pink candle, preferably on Friday evening.

Write your name and the other person’s name on a white piece of paper.

Draw one circle around both names.

Close your eyes tightly and imagine the two of you together. Focus on this image. Dive deep and visualize the love and happiness you will share.

Repeat the following phrase three times: Our fate is sealed. We are one, so be it. It has already happened.

Watch the pink candle until it burns out (don’t buy too big).

Make sure you completely extinguish the candle before you leave it. You can pat the candle to put out the fire, but don’t blow it out or you’ll ruin the love spell.

If you want this spell to be effective, repeat it for seven consecutive nights.

Spells with the help of a pink candle are very powerful magic, and people have been using them for centuries. Have a pure intention and you will see your desired result blossom before your eyes.

Spell for getting back an ex-partner

This spell is good for those who regret having broken up with their partners or want to revive an old romance. Casting a spell to get an ex back is designed to give you the energy and confidence to help you do so. The most important thing to remember when rekindling an affair is to ensure that it is not forced. Love should never be authoritative – it should be mutual and emotionally accepted by both parties.

How to cast a spell to win back an ex-partner:

Light a red candle and stare at its flame for two to three minutes. 

Look at a picture of your ex and visualize that you have reconciled.

Write your name and your ex’s name on a piece of paper and draw a circle around them.

Drop honey on the names and repeat the following phrase: I wish you to come back to me with this spell to tighten our connection forever.

Meditate for a few minutes to calm your mind and let go of any resentment or negativity you hold.

Blow out the candle.

Tear the paper into small pieces and bury them somewhere in your garden.

Repeat the ritual the next night with new paper and honey, but with the same candle.

Repeat the spell for three nights in a row.

Recovering an ex is a very difficult thing, especially if there is negative energy and bitterness on one side.

Spell using a jar of honey

The spell with the help of honey is probably the most common love spell that people use to improve their relationship, intimacy and relationships. This spell is for couples already in a relationship to strengthen their current bond and attachment. This spell uses the attraction between two people and bases the love spell on this positive energy. This spell is said to create more sweetness, intimacy and affection between two people.

How to cast a spell using a jar of honey ?

Write the name of the other person on a piece of blank paper three times.

Turn the paper 90 degrees and write your name three times, overlapping the other person’s name.

Close your eyes and focus on what you want from this spell.

Then, thinking intensely about your goal, write your wish on the paper so that it circles both names.

When you’re done, fold the paper and place it in a jar filled with honey.

Dip your fingers into the honey, putting the paper inside.

Take your fingers out of the jar and say aloud the following phrase: As sweet as this honey is, so will He be sweet to me.

Now lick the honey off your fingers and close the jar with the paper inside.

Light a candle on top of the jar, but make sure you choose the right one.

The color of the candle will vary depending on your specific wish:

White: general goals

Red: passionate love

Pink: loving love

When the candle is finished burning, hide the jar in a place where no one will be able to find it. Wait seven days and light another candle on the same day of the week. Repeat, lighting a new candle once a week on the same day to really get what you want.

The spell using a honey jar is a basic love spell, but it only works if you release negative energy and thoughts. Stay focused on your goal and use your purest intention to attract what you want.

Marriage spells

Marriage spells are for those who are seeking strength in their marriage or someone who wants to get married. They reduce tension in existing relationships and allow two partners to strengthen their sacred bond, adding harmony and love between the spell casters and their partner. Remember that white magic never forces love or feelings on others that are not there.

How to cast marriage spells

Get a plant named wingflower – it should have white flowers to symbolize a white wedding dress.

Repot the horsetail into a new pot when you bring it home. The soil used for repotting should come from a place with which you and your partner share fond memories.

Place stones at the bottom of the pot to enhance the magic.

Write your desire on a piece of paper. Roll up the paper, tie it with white string and place it on the bottom of the pot. The paper should be under the stones and soil.

After transplanting the plant, place it in a room where your partner spends a lot of time.

Take a picture of yourself and your partner.

Roll it up and wrap it separately in plastic to protect your relationship.

Place your photo on the right side of the plant and your partner’s photo on the left.

Water the plant until it grows at least one new flower.

Cut off the flower when it blooms, place it on a paper towel and dry it.

Divide the dry flower into three equal-sized pieces.

Place 1/3 of the flower in a cup, add sugar and natural tea, and stir the tea clockwise.

Then lean over the cup while intoning the following words: Be my husband! Be my husband! Be my husband! Or, if you are using the spell on a woman, chant: Be my wife! Be my wife! Be my wife!

Offer tea to your partner and make sure he drinks it.

Repeat this ritual for the next two days for maximum power.

If your partner doesn’t start talking about marriage, wait until the new moon and start the process again. Use one of the new flowers that bloomed during the new moon.

Although this spell is effective, some things can prevent it from working. This spell will not work if you do not see your partner every day. The spell works best when both partners really love each other.

Love spell with a photo

Love spells with a photo are an effective way to bind two lovers or spouses together. It strengthens the bond between a couple or ignites passion between spouses when one of them has lost interest in the relationship. Using photography is a powerful binding spell, but it will only work on people who already have an established connection. You can’t use this spell on someone you’ve never met or don’t have a relationship with.

How to cast a love spell using a photo

Wait until the clock strikes midnight to perform this ritual.

Take a photo of your partner/spouse and place it in front of you. Place a red candle behind the photo.

The red candle must be the only source of light in the entire room.

Then take a pen and paper and write down the following words: Sadness, go to my lover (your lover’s name). Go into his head so that all he can think about is me (your name), hugging me, kissing me, loving me. My words are strong and sticky.

Take the paper and burn it with a candle flame. Make sure the smoke goes through the picture.

When the piece of paper is burning, intone the following incantation: Blood boils, unable to hold still. What’s above your head goes into your head, when the fire appears behind your back, his heart (your lover’s name) gets excited.

Once the paper is completely burned and there is no smoke, you have completed your love spell with a photograph

For your spell to work, the universe and the person you love must agree with your desire.

Love spell without props

Some love spells are easy to perform because you don’t need any props. They use words, chants, imagination and concentration. These ingredient-free love spells are not restrictive, which means that the spell-caster has the ultimate freedom to choose how to cast the spell and the outcome.

You can cast a love spell for a variety of reasons, whether to improve or spice up an existing relationship, attract a new partner or improve a current love. They are simple and work effectively, bringing positive energy into the universe.

How to cast such a love spell ?

There are many love spells that use the power of energy and manifestation. This particular love spell is designed to attract someone with whom you already have a connection:

Relax in a quiet room on a Friday night or during a full moon.

Be open, clear and have faith in your energy and the energy of the universe.

Sincerely think of someone special you want to attract into your life.

Imagine yourself with that person and visualize the love and happiness you would like to have between you.

Relax your mind, visualize you together and believe in the power of your love and energy.

Repeat this spell once a month during the full moon and you will soon see positive results.

You must love yourself before you can truly love another person. This love spell works beautifully to boost your confidence and self-esteem to attract the right person and relationship into your life.

You have to believe in magic

Love spells are powerful, but the key to making them work to their full potential is believing in love magic. This is easier said than done, as most beginners have little faith in what they are doing. Try to focus all your energy on your intention and the desired result – don’t allow yourself any negative thoughts or distractions. Since magic is based on faith, you must maintain a strong belief that you will see the results you expect.

Have realistic expectations

You can believe in your magic and have faith in casting spells, but your love spell will not work with unrealistic expectations. Love spells simply can’t make your beloved celebrity fall madly in love with you – spells don’t work that way! If you are focusing your love spell on a specific person, you must have an established connection with that person.

Have a clear intention and be open to possibilities

All effective love spells require clear intentions, intense mental concentration and, in most cases, physical materials. For your love spell to manifest accurately, you must be specific and have a clear intention. Love is a choice and should never be forced on someone. When you cast a love spell, focus on the qualities and values you want in your lover, rather than stating someone’s name. Open your heart to the possibilities, even if it’s someone other than that celebrity of yours who doesn’t even know you exist. Casting powerful love spells can potentially bring you closer to finding the love you deserve, sometimes in places you don’t expect!

Learn about the limitations of love magic

There are, of course, limitations to love magic. You can’t use white magic as love spells for negative intentions. Spells should always be used for positive reasons. Using black magic to break up a marriage or strengthen a relationship will backfire, create negative energy and bad karma for you.

Familiarize yourself with the best time to cast spells

The best time to cast love spells is Friday evening, since Venus Day (Venus symbolizes adoration, love and courtship) falls on Friday. Another good time to cast spells is during the new moon period, as the new moon symbolizes the transformation of new possibilities into reality.

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