A spell to clear the atmosphere in a relationship

A spell to clear the atmosphere in a relationship

There are times in every relationship when emotions and experiences accumulate to such an extent that communication between partners is disrupted and it is difficult to gain fresh insight. These are difficult moments, but when we are vigilant and try to get rid of negativity in the relationship on an ongoing basis, then the relationship has a chance for healthier development.

In situations where there is already a total lack of understanding and it is no longer possible to resolve the crisis in question on your own, then I suggest that you apply to people who will perform such a spell for you, as the emotional state is very important here. A person who is not emotionally involved in the crisis situation will more objectively assess a viable way to help you and advise you on whether it is worth fighting for the relationship in question.

On the other hand, if you feel up to it, you can cast such a spell yourself, I give a simple but effective spell for healing and cleansing the atmosphere in the relationship.

Remember that if a particular relationship is not good for you and in accordance with the will of your soul, it can make it purify in such a way that ultimately the relationship reaches its end. Awareness and the desire to reveal the truth and the desire to live without illusion should be more important to you than the desire to live in a toxic, uncomfortable relationship. However, the choice is always yours.

This spell can also be used to cleanse any relationship, be it friendship or family.

For casting candle-based spells, I suggest buying wax candles, as they burn much better and have a faster effect. The comfort of using such candles is definitely greater and we prevent uncontrolled flow of wax or its splashing. Of course, burning paraffin candles is also acceptable. However, try to make sure that the candles do not have additional decorations or strange shapes. Simple candles are by far the best. As for the use of tealights for spells, here my opinion is firm and I believe that such candles are not suitable for such activities. They can only provide a backdrop and add charm to the whole, but for the spell itself they are to be simple candles.

What do you need to cast a healing and cleansing spell:

– a simple white candle,

– a simple green candle,

– simple black candle,

– lavender oil, if you do not have it can be oil mixed with table salt or water from the Rose of Jericho

– white sage or lavender incense,

– toothpick,

– candle holders, a separate plate or saucer or candle holder for each.

Casting the spell:

Before approaching the spell, bathe in water with a handful of salt (can be ordinary kitchen salt). Then it’s a good idea to set aside some space whether it be a dresser or a small table to create an altar for laying the ritual accessories. On this altar, place all the ingredients I have given above. Light incense or surround the ritual place with white sage.

To begin, take all the candles and on each one carve with a toothpick the name and date of yourself and the person you want to spell, and anoint each one in turn with oil. First in hand take a white candle and with a little oil anoint it from bottom to top pronouncing the following words:

“Here and now I charge you with the energy of purity and innocence to help me achieve my goal in a safe and non-harmful way for anyone.”

Then you take a green candle and this time anointing it you say these words:

“Here and now I charge you with the energy of respect and harmony in my relationship to help me achieve my goal in a safe and non-harmful way for anyone.”

Last you take a black candle and, applying the oil, say:

“Here and now I charge you with the energy of truth and purification to help me achieve my goal in a safe and non-harmful way for anyone.”

You light the candles prepared in this way one by one, according to the order of anointing. Accordingly, first light the white candle, then the green candle and finally the black candle. While firing the candles, say the following words:


“Here and now the white energy is cleansing me and ……… (give the name of that person) of any negative issues at the level of mind, heart and body.”


“Here and now I am healing the relationship between me and …….. (give this person’s name) so that there is harmony and peace between us.”


“Here and now let this energy reveal the truth and cleanse my relationship with ………. from all illusion. (give the name of this person)”.

After all candles are lit, stay for about 5 minutes imagining how understanding begins to emerge between you and reconciliation and purification occurs. Visualizing this is very important here.

The candles are to burn out to the end. However, the remnants of the candles that remain after burning should be buried in the ground to ground the ritual on the earthly plane.

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