How to bring back the magic in a relationship?

How to bring back the magic in a relationship?

An ideal relationship is every man’s dream. In a partner we want not only a lover, but also a best friend, someone who understands us perfectly and will always be a support. Such a relationship is possible when there is an energetic balance between two people. Each person in the relationship must give and take as much, so that the energies of the partners will be mutually amplified. This will make you feel safe with such a person, even if there is a worse time, the world is unfavorable, you will find happiness and security in the arms of a loved person. Unfortunately, even when we have found such a person, it does not mean that it will always be perfect in the relationship. Also the best-matched couples quarrel and experience difficult moments. You just have to not give up and fight for your beloved. Magic can help with this, of course. But let’s not forget that with spells you can help, not make radical changes. If we assume that we will change everything in our partner and then he will be perfect for us, then we are doomed to failure in advance, such a relationship will not stand a chance. An ideal relationship is one in which we have mutual acceptance. We must tolerate not only the defects of a particular person, but the whole environment that is associated with him – family, friendships, objects. Our partner’s ex-wife will probably never like us, but we can’t see her as an enemy, or worse, pretend that she doesn’t exist at all. It’s not a matter of tolerating everything, after all, flaws can be worked on. However, no one is perfect and improving ourselves must work both ways.

Before we start trying to change our partner, let’s start with ourselves. Let’s look at ourselves as objectively as possible, as if through the eyes of another person. The saying “love is blind” is true, being in love we look at the world completely differently. Our view is distorted – we judge both the partner and ourselves differently. Instead of shaping him according to the pattern we dream of, let’s try to verify the behavior of ourselves. Wanting a complete change for your beloved is not a good idea either, because you can’t achieve happiness by pretending to be someone else. However, small changes are an important part of maturation and personality formation. If, thanks to the other person, we try to work on our flaws and try to be better people, and moreover, we act on our partner in the same way, such a relationship has a chance to last for years.

We should also learn to control our emotions. Our emotionality must be at a similar level as our partner’s. A relationship can be negatively affected by both hypersensitivity and falling into extreme emotional states, as well as fear of expressing feelings and excessive reluctance to get involved. Meditation can help achieve emotional harmony. We sit comfortably and focus, beginning relaxation with deep breaths. When we are relaxed and have put all distracting problems out of our thoughts, we begin to imagine our emotions, giving them physical qualities. We “arrange” such depicted emotions evenly, focusing during this activity on arranging them according to the hierarchy of importance we profess when we are calm.

In a further stage of meditation, we imagine our aura as a large luminous ball. We look at it carefully and cleanse it of any element that contaminates it. This will make our energy clean, which will not only make us feel better ourselves, but will positively affect our interpersonal relationships. In a situation where our energy is very contaminated, we can turn to the help of a bioenergotherapist, who will perform the cleansing ritual for us.

Meditation will also help us properly evaluate our relationship, because, as I mentioned earlier, feeling can distort proper judgment. We need to evaluate not only whether we are loved, but also whether our feeling is really love. In the first stage of infatuation, it is easy to confuse love with lust. This will also allow us to assess whether we are hurting the other person, whether he is definitely happy with us, maybe the real proof of our affection would be to let him go, instead of trying to make him happy by force. It may also turn out that after such behavior, contrary to our fears, we ourselves will also be relieved and gain a chance for a new relationship.

When we want the feelings between us and our partner to revive it is worth using candles on a romantic evening. We choose the color depending on what effect we want to achieve. To enhance passion a red candle and preferably jasmine incense, and for affection a pink candle. White candles will be ideal to bring harmony back into our relationship. A black or green one is worth using when we fear that some people may want to bring chaos into our lives. A woman can additionally be gifted with rose quartz jewelry. However, all this will only help if we ourselves try to bring harmony into our relationship and our lives.

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