A spell for the fulfillment of wishes

A spell for the fulfillment of wishes

To cast the spell we need:

– clear glass without patterns,

– sheet of paper,

– pen,

– still mineral water (you can replace it with moon water).

But before we get to how to cast the spell, let’s clarify a few points that will help us understand how it works.

Water is an amazing carrier of energy information. It has a memory which makes it possible to program it at will. Thus programmed, water can be a miracle remedy for all kinds of ailments and can be used to make changes in one’s life.

As I mentioned in the article on moon water, our body consists of about 60-70% water. Of course, as we age, this water in our body decreases. This does not change the fact that using this knowledge can help us make changes.

How do we really know that water conducts emotions and information?

Well, Japanese writer and researcher Emoto Masaru, conducted a long-term study of water found in both human bodies and water in the human environment and on Earth. As a result of his experiments, he discovered that water reacts to our thoughts and words. Depending on the words that were sent toward the water, the water formed various crystal forms when frozen. In addition, the written word, music and symbolism were also used and interacted with this water. The results turned out to be downright incredible. All water samples towards which only positive thoughts, words, music and symbolism were directed crystallized into beautiful forms. In contrast, those that were bombarded with negativity were deformed and disharmonious. In addition, various photographs and inscriptions with different emotional colors were pasted on the water dishes. Each time, the effect was the same, as in the case of directing negative and positive words.

A similar experiment was used to program foods. One consisted of two containers of rice. On one was written the word “I LOVE YOU” and on the other “I HATE YOU.” After just one week, the rice in the container with the word “I LOVE YOU” was in unchanged form and the other one turned out to be rotten, moldy and ugly.

This should make everyone realize what strength and power comes from our thoughts, words, attitudes towards others. In addition, it is important to realize that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY! Here I also address words to many skeptics of numerology, which makes us realize that everything has a vibration, including numbers and letters. It really works dear ones. Our names, surnames, dates of birth have a huge impact on us. With this knowledge we can assist ourselves in realizing and changing us and our reality.

So how does all this relate to our ritual. It will be a way to realize some of our intentions, plans or wishes. However, this is a basic form that you can modify in any way you wish.

The most important ingredient here is water. If you use lunar water for this ritual it is a revelation, while if ordinary still water then you can additionally structure it, but it is not necessary. It can be ordinary water.

Water structuring is to make the water as close in structure as possible to the water found in our bodies. It has been shown that water if we freeze it and then thaw it obtains the most favorable form for our bodies. Therefore, you may be additionally tempted to use this method, but as I mentioned, it is not a necessity.

Then, having already had water, we prepare a glass for ourselves, a plain, transparent one without any patterns. You take a piece of paper and write on it your wish in the form already made, such as “I have a new job”, “I bought a car”, “my stomach is healthy”. Wishes can be either about health or other issues. Just remember one point, that these wishes should be realistic to carry out in a short period of time. In this connection, take into account that, as it is with rituals, you should also bring our action on the matter. If you want a specific job then write it down, but additionally start applying by sending a resume. Such a specific wish, written down on a piece of paper, stick it on the water, but with the inscriptions to the center of the glass.

The glass thus prepared will be your tool in your daily ritual from now on. This is not a short-term action, but will require you to be consistent. Well, for the next few days, as long as your request is fulfilled you are to perform this action. Every morning and evening you pour prepared water into such a glass (it can be half a glass – enough for you to drink it right away). Then you put your hands around the glass and imagine that from your heart through your hands energy comes out directly into the glass and fills it with your request. While doing this, you pronounce your request three times. Finally, you drink the water and repeat the action until it is done.

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