A spell to summon your own feminine power

A spell to summon your own feminine power

The power that lies within you woman is your personal energy, which allows you to function on both the physical and spiritual planes. It doesn’t matter if you have access to it, or if you claim not to have it – it still works. There are two possibilities in such a case, either you wield it – or it wields you.

The process of merging with this power is often staggered and depends on many factors. It is a transformation on your spiritual path of development, getting to know yourself and, above all, discovering your potential. Everyone takes this path in a different, individual way and at their own pace.

The first step may be understanding that you have this power and deciding to get in touch with it. You can be helped by this ritual, which is first and foremost meant to draw your attention to you, to your femininity, from both the physical and spiritual levels. These two spheres must be in harmony. By negating your body – you also negate your spiritual shell, and vice versa. When performing this ceremony, try to love yourself, regardless of how you feel about yourself at the moment or how you think about yourself.

For some of you, this can be an enjoyable process, and for some of you, it can be a challenge to look at yourself in a positive way and, above all, with respect for yourself.

What you need to perform the ceremony:

– red rose petals, freshly plucked before the ceremony,

– straight red candle,

– ready-made rose oil for the body, or you can make such an oil yourself (pour olive oil over the rose petals and wait at least 3 hours until the oil draws out the juices from the rose petals, then the oil will be ready for use),

– rose incense.

Performing the ceremony:

It is best to perform the ceremony during the full moon, which includes two days before the full moon, the day of the culmination of the full moon and two days after the culmination of the full moon. The second important moment to perform this ritual is your birthday, or another significant moment for you. It is meant to be a sublime ceremony that will initiate your inner process of merging and restoring your feminine Power.

Before performing such rituals, I always recommend cleansing your space and yourself of unwanted energies. You can learn how to do this in the material on cleansing spaces of negative energies.

After the cleansing, which you can do even the day before the ceremony, take a quick shower to wash your body of impurities. Then pour water into a bathtub, into which you can throw rose petals in any quantity you like, so that you feel like “goddesses” :). At this time, light a candle, which will burn for the duration of the bath. While sitting in the bath, say the following formula three times:

“Your beauty my beauty, your power is my power, thanks to you rose I will meet myself as I have not yet known myself. Let it happen” 3x

During the 15-minute bath, imagine yourself as you would like to become. Then get out of the bath, dry yourself with a towel, but do not extinguish the candle yet. Pick the rose petals from the water and set them aside in a bowl.

The next step will be to use rose oil, with which you will lubricate certain areas of your body. Light a rose incense stick before lubricating. Now take the oil and lubricate your body one by one in the following places: on the temples, behind the ears, the sternum indentation on the neck, the wrists and elbows, between the breasts, the navel, the pubic hill, under the knees and the feet. While lubricating your body, say the following formula:

“I (name) bless my body with this oil, as a temple in which my Soul resides, with which I am united from now on and thus with my feminine Power.”

After these treatments, put on your favorite dress in which you feel feminine. Lie down on your bed or sit in a meditation position. You can put on some relaxing music or be in silence. Then try to visualize the women of your lineage – starting from your mother backwards. Ask them to guide you and pass on the knowledge and wisdom of the lineage. If, on the other hand, you don’t feel comfortable connecting with your female lineage, then in a visualization meditation try to ask Mother Earth for support and guidance.

During this personal journey, love your femininity, your sexuality, your identity. Bless yourself as a woman-goddess. Try to have calm thoughts, without a shadow of criticism towards yourself.

After the ceremony, thank yourself, the women of the lineage, Mother Earth for her presence and guidance. The candle should burn out to the end. The remnants of it and the rose petals from the bath should be buried in the ground, as a sign that the ceremonial has become firmly established and placed under the protection of Mother Earth.

The ceremony is a sublime ritual that is generally performed once a year. Therefore, it is worth remembering this date to look back on your transformations that have occurred in you after a year.

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