Questions about love spells?

Questions about love spells?

1. what can you do spells for?

In principle, one can do for anything when it comes to individual matters. Any intention that does not violate the free will of another person is a proper intention. Spells can be:







-For getting pregnant

-For selling property


-Business development

-For opening a business

-For changing jobs

-For new beginnings

-Fulfilling a dream

The goals could be multiplied.

2 What I should do

If you want to perform the spell yourself follow the instructions contained, which you will find on the Internet. If you commission another person to perform the spell follow their instructions. At my place on the appointed day you light a candle, which connects the energy of the spell with your person and creates a bridge.

3 Should you decide on a love spell?

– Only if you are convinced about it

– Only after checking if it can be done, cleansed, acted upon.

-If you are afraid of magic then don’t do it because you are blocking the energy anyway.

-If you have doubts and lack of determination, don’t act because you won’t get anything done.

4 What if spells don’t work?

Magic helps, clears paths, strengthens in action. It won’t make your hand grow back, but it can help you find a great doctor and a prosthesis. Therefore, if you don’t put anything from yourself, it’s hard to demand results. I for magic need from you a white candle, essential oil and a letter of intent. And how often do I hear, can’t you purchase one yourself? I can, and probably three times cheaper than YOU. But that’s not the point. From the moment the idea for a rit is formed in your head, through buying, shipping, you put energy into the rit. I just put it into motion, because I can. If you expect everything for nothing, say goodbye to the effects.

5.The strongest spells

There is no strong and weak magic. There is simply magic. Just because someone deigns you the wonderful name of an Ethiopian ritual, the ritual of the four full moons, means nothing. Magic is magic. And if you are not given anything you will not get anything. A good magician doesn’t make up names, he just does his job. Often spells have to be repeated, it’s like washing a house after a renovation, all at once it won’t work out. But there are no stronger and weaker spells. There is only the power of the magician and a weaker or stronger price for the hype-sounding names.

6. After what time do spells work?

Magic eases our way, pushes us, attracts us, but it won’t do anything for us. And I believe my magic, and unfortunately, I don’t answer this question at all. It will work how it will work. If it is in accordance with the will of the Universe.

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