White magic and black magic- what makes them different?

White magic and black magic- what makes them different?

In order to use the above names correctly, we must start with the fact that the term white and black magic only defines two basic methods of using magic, it does not separate it into two separate spheres. It is important to remember that magic is one thing, but it can be used for many purposes, and how we handle it will tell us what kind of magic we are using.


White magic is called that positive, warm magic – magic of light and energy. Its main feature is that it does not change the energy that surrounds us, it does not force a change of current or submission. The practitioner stimulates the energy he or she receives and humbly asks for it to be increased or redirected to a thing or a particular person. The person performing the ritual makes no demands on the energy, giving up a particle of himself (energy, incantation, part of his clothing or genetic material), and in return asks for help in achieving his top-down goal. The most important thing here is the position of the person performing the ritual – not making demands and being humble – only such a patient and dedicated approach will allow you to find balance and fulfillment in controlling the energy around you. Remember, white magic is characterized first and foremost by bringing goodness, in order to achieve causal power, the energy must be kind to you to grant your request – this will not happen if your heart is full of bad intentions.


Black magic is defined as the opposite of white magic, defined as that which is evil and not pure – the magic of darkness, used only to bring evil. This definition often misleads the recipient, because black magic can also bring positive results, it’s just a matter of the method you choose on the way to your goal. Where white magic “asks,” black magic aims to force, to break the course of energy, to bind them for a specific purpose. Artificial accumulation and alteration of energy requires more power, is more dangerous and harder to carry out, because once violated energy likes to take revenge. People proficient in dark power can influence people’s fates and change the course of events. Most often they are characterized by evil intentions – the desire to harm someone, take revenge, nullify plans and break up relationships. However, as I mentioned earlier, it can also be driven by positive aspects like multiplying your fortune or improving your health – in the case of dark magic, the most important thing is the method you choose on the way to your goal.

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