How to strive for self-acceptance?

How to strive for self-acceptance?

Self-acceptance is one of the most important things we should strive for in life. Getting a decent job, starting a family and maintaining a group of loyal friends can depend entirely on how we view ourselves. However, accepting ourselves fully can be very difficult for us, and even impossible for many. This does not at all mean that we cannot work on it all the time.

Realize what you have influence over

It may sound trivial, but it’s much easier for us to accept that we can’t change something. Self-acceptance is not only seeing your advantages, but also realizing your flaws. No one is perfect, and both in our appearance and in our character there will be elements that we think do not fit into the whole. We may think we have too big a nose or asymmetrical legs. Self-acceptance does not assume that we will suddenly start loving everything about us and approach ourselves uncritically, but that we will start treating as such those parts of us that we cannot change on our own, while we will start working on others systematically.

Cut yourself off from negative energy

If all you hear from any source is criticism of yourself, boldly cut yourself off from it. Cut contact with toxic friends and don’t visit Facebook pages that make fun of non-ideal women. This will greatly help you face your complexes and doubts, and will not expose you to negative comments from outsiders, who usually vent their frustrations on you. Put yourself in better company with people who fully accept you and don’t think anything about you needs to change, especially if it’s not entirely up to your will or you don’t have the ability to work on it.

Find your mentor or idol

The problem with self-acceptance often occurs because everything around us tells us that only being an ideal person makes any sense. Therefore, if you spend a lot of time on Instagram or another social network, find profiles of people who inspire you, show you that imperfections are okay too, that no matter what we look like, we still have the right to feel great and don’t have to follow others’ exaggerated ideas about us. This will not only help us cut ourselves off to some extent from the patterns imposed on us from all sides, but will also motivate us and give us strength in our daily struggle for self-acceptance.

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