Talismans and amulets

The talisman protects the person who wears it from negative outside influences. It is an object with a very special, personal meaning. Its wearing serves a specific purpose. The person who wears the talisman hopes for the fulfillment of his expectations. It is a very personal item and should be worn close to the body.

What is a talisman?

A talisman can be called any thing, provided that it is believed to bring good luck. For example, it can be a symbol that is widely believed to be lucky. A talisman should be worn close to the body, so that no one can see it. The power of the talisman affects its owner continuously. The task of the talisman is to attract luck, love and all favorable occasions. The properties and power of the talisman depend on the purpose for which it is intended. A talisman can be a personal item, such as a keychain, a stone, a mascot, or an item given by a kind person. Before using a talisman, one should charge it with positive energy. A talisman is sometimes compared to an amulet, from which it differs mainly in that an amulet has only protective properties. A talisman created on a specific person has greater causal power.

Talisman – properties

The main task of a talisman is to bring luck, the most powerful are those made under a specific sphere of life. Talisman provides strength, care, support and is active all the time. The power of the talisman depends mainly on the purpose for which it is to be used. Also important is its shape, and the material from which it is made. You can buy a talisman, or you can make one yourself. The talisman’s task in everyday life is to help, support, bring everything on the right track. It is a kind of protective shield and at the same time an object that attracts good luck. The action of the talisman makes things seem better, matters to be solved less complicated. Wearing the talisman helps to achieve inner peace, spiritual balance and feel fully satisfied with life.


An amulet is an object intended to bring good luck to the person who possesses it. This object is supposed to protect the owner, give him good luck and prosperity in any matter. An amulet can be general, that is, give good luck in any area, or it can be intended for one specific purpose. 

Amulet – what is it ?

An amulet is an object through which you can repel negative energy from yourself. It is an esoteric accessory imbued with energy. Therefore, amulets should be cleaned regularly. The main task of an amulet is protection, so it should be placed in a conspicuous place. An example of such an amulet can be a horse shoe placed at the front door. Such items protect, protect against misfortunes and evil charms. Each amulet is attributed to something and has a specific task to perform, such as protection from the evil eye. An amulet works most effectively if it is made under the needs of a specific person. It should be assigned a specific task, for example, protection against theft. Unlike a talisman, an amulet works at that moment when third parties want to do harm. This object is a kind of invisible shield that repels dangers and deflects negative energy. After this kind of event it happens that the amulet is destroyed, this is a sign that its power has worked.

Amulet – which one to choose ?

If the amulet is to be created for a specific person, it is important that the person who will make it has the energizing and programming of the amulet. The material from which it will be made and the intention for which it was created is important. The amulet should be personal and as personalized as possible. The symbolism of the amulet can be varied, it can be religious symbols, symbols referring to different cultures, zodiac signs. Amulets are usually created from ordinary, everyday things. When choosing an amulet, it is important to make sure that it is as compatible as possible with the lifestyle you lead.

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