The most important principles of reiki

The most important principles of reiki

The girl had been standing backed against a thick palm tree trunk at the edge of a golden beach for a long time. At first she watched the calm, lazy movement of the waves under the clear blue sky, but then she noticed a small white point approaching and focused her attention on it. She watched the spot grow and take shape until finally a seagull flying to shore could be easily recognized in it. The bird circled and landed a dozen steps to the left of her. The girl turned her head and only now noticed the old woman sitting silently on the sand. When that woman, with a gentle but firm motion, reached out and touched the seagull’s head, a mixture of disbelief and fear flashed across the girl’s face.

A witch – flashed through her mind. Despite the growing

fear she still, with fascination, watched the woman gently stroke the bird.

It’s not magic,” the old woman spoke quietly, as if reading the mind of the dazed


– All you have to do is clear your mind, open your heart, feel the love for the world around you flow out of it. Anyone can do it.

– She smiled, still gently running her fingers over the white bird feathers. This short story perfectly illustrates one of the five most important principles of Reiki, a Japanese system of spiritual development and natural healing. Reiki literally means “spiritual influence,” the energy of life that permeates everything and everyone. Its conscious use allows one to achieve full balance on every plane of existence, strengthens self-esteem, teaches love and acceptance of oneself and others. Reiki also brings relief from physical suffering – with the appropriate touch of the adept’s hands, it eliminates pains and colds, and aids conventional methods of treating chronic diseases. What’s more, learning how to release energy is possible and available to everyone to fully enjoy all the benefits of Reiki, you don’t need to have unimaginable, mystical knowledge and practice. The system’s creator, 19th century Japanese monk Dr. Mikao Usui, developed a three-step course to awaken dormant life energy. Already at the first step, adepts are introduced to the basic methods of self-cleansing and self-healing, or so-called “self-treatments. This is a technique of a dozen hand placements, which are applied for about 3-5 minutes successively to the head, neck, shoulders, torso, abdomen, back, legs and feet.

Subsequent degrees of study focus more on spiritual development, achieving inner balance and learning to heal others. By attaining the final, third degree, the adept becomes a master and can continue to pass on his knowledge. An extremely important aspect of Reiki is the application to life, mentioned earlier, of five, extremely universal, principles.

1. “Just today, don’t get angry.”

Anger harms. It lowers energy levels, closes chakras, leads to diseases of internal organs, and finally increases stress levels. Therefore, it is worth acting calmly and systematically. Resolve problems and conflicts on the fly, don’t let them pile up.

2 “Just today, don’t worry.”

Worrying is a non-beneficial waste of energy: it won’t help solve problems positively, it won’t speed up events, it won’t make you avoid problems, it won’t change the past. Therefore, one should not worry about what has been or what will be. One should learn to live in the surrounding reality, here and now, and enjoy it. The past has already passed, so the only thing to do is to make peace with it. The future is yet to come, so instead of wasting time and energy worrying about it, it’s better to focus on planning ahead, trusting your skills and fate.

3 – “Just today be grateful.”

According to this rule, you should feel gratitude: to your parents, because thanks to them we exist, to God, for all that is good. And finally to yourself – for your work on yourself, for the development that becomes possible thanks to it.

4. “Just today work persistently” (on yourself).

Only through persistent work and adherence to moral principles in life, spiritual development and the fulfillment of dreams in general will become possible. Therefore, it is necessary to keep learning, to keep improving the mind, to learn about oneself and to develop inner awareness.

5. “Just today show respect”.

Reiki teaches respect: for other people, for oneself, but also for nature, animals.

To live according to the principles, to practice reiki, is to enjoy the present, to help and relieve the pain of others, and to feel love for the world around us. For a person who does not understand this, who considers others inferior to himself and does not respect the world around him, spiritual development will always seem distant and unattainable. Someone like this will never touch a seagull.

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