Achieving alpha state through meditation

Achieving alpha state through meditation

Meditation is a useful technique for achieving the alpha state. However, this method requires regular practice. The longer the practice, the better the results will be, i.e. faster and deeper entry into the Alpha state. There are many schools of meditation, but most of the principles remain the same. You should sit on the floor (you can put a mat under your body for comfort). Then assume one of the meditation positions (lotus, half-lotus, sitting, Turkish). Regarding the position, it is important to follow a few rules:

the position must be stable and free of tension

the spine should be straight – in its natural alignment

The body should be relaxed – try not to tense the muscles.

During meditation, the eyes should be half-closed. Then focus on relaxing the body. In the next part, the mind should be focused on a mantra or object. The mantra “Om” is popular in Indian schools, but it can be any word you choose. In the case of focusing on an object, the object is placed slightly below the center of the pattern line.

Regardless of the option chosen, meditation comes down to full concentration on the chosen object of meditation. The mind should remain quiet and unmoved – all thoughts should be silenced. If any arise they should be ignored. This is difficult at first, but with systematic practice it comes easier and easier. While practicing, steady regular breathing is recommended, and from time to time one should take a deep breath using the abdominal and diaphragm muscles.

The best time to meditate is in the early morning hours. It is advisable to meditate always at the same time as this allows the body to develop automatic habits.

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