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Love is the most beautiful feeling. It carries a lot of good, but what if our love is not reciprocated? One way to get a loved one is to cast a love spell on him or her. Love spells are one of the most powerful forces with which to direct astral energy to a loved one. such energy is designed to attract one person to another. Love spells are largely based on emotions. What would love be without emotions? There are many methods for a person to become emotionally and emotionally attached to us. Various kinds of love spells have been cast for centuries. Everything we do on the road to love is aimed at bringing about something beautiful and unbreakable. Love spells have great power and can make the chosen one or the chosen one of our heart unable to live without us.

How to cast a long-distance spell on someone?

Here are the most popular of the methods of casting spells on a loved one:

1. One of the simplest and most popular methods of casting a love spell is to write down the name of the chosen person on a piece of paper. The name and surname alone are not enough. The more data about the loved one the better. The card should include the date of birth of such a person, eye color, address if known to us. The amount of information exerts an influence on increasing the chances of effectiveness of casting a spell. Once you have written everything you know about the person, you should light a red or pink candle. The candle, or rather its flame, makes us make a love decree.

2. The above-described love decree can be drawn up during a full moon and slightly change its form. The full moon is a time that has a very strong effect in terms of magic on all areas of human life. The information written on the card can be written in the form of a wish. For the next seven days after the full moon and writing down the decree should be read with a lit candle. This is because it increases the probability that our spell will be successful.

3.The prepared decree can also be kept under the pillow, preferably accompanied by a sprig of fir. Such a set left for the night under the pillow will help attract a loved one to our dreams.

4. The next method is already based on a slightly different form of attracting a loved one and that is to cast a spell on him. For this spell it is necessary to have a photograph of the selected person and a lot of confidence.The content of the spell should sound natural, and the spoken words should be confident and flow from the depths of the heart.

What it should look like:

Name of the loved one,

will be mine/my forever.

May all the elements of this world help me,

When love infinite and when love reciprocated will begin.

The above-mentioned words are repeated aloud while gazing at the photograph in full concentration.

5. Offering a gift to a loved one. Of course, the gift must be enchanted beforehand. The point of this method is to make the loved one think of us. So, we take the object we want to give to the loved one and cast a spell on it. The gift should be from the heart. The content of the spell:

6. Prayer is equally effective. Prayer should be sure and fervent. Prayer should with all its intention draw the energy of the chosen person towards itself. Prayer should care in good thoughts alone. There should be nothing bad or negative in it.

7. Purified stone, preferably with water and salt. Dried only by the rays of the sun. When we ask a clean stone for luck and love and always have it with us it will support our efforts to love a person.

8. Herbs, namely: purgative, chamomile and sage. On a tiny piece of paper, write the name and date of birth of the loved one. Then put the card in a small container and sprinkle it with the dried herbs mentioned above. The card should not be visible, the herbs should envelop it.

What changes when you cast a love spell on someone?

After casting a spell on a person, such a person starts thinking about us intensely and shows great desire to be close to us. Such a person also very quickly begins to desire our touch, voice. We will also appear in the dreams of the person on whom we cast the spell. When we spend time with such a person a bond is born between us and him. Spending time together allows us to build a relationship. On the other hand, after the time has passed when the emotions have subsided the chosen one or the chosen one will already be accustomed to the new situation and the new feeling. The relationship will begin to develop.

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