All about affirmations

All about affirmations

It has probably occurred to everyone to hear, or perhaps read, that you are what you eat. This principle also has its counterpart concerning the psyche sphere: you become what you think about yourself. This statement can also be extended to what is around us: with your thinking you can influence the reality around you. And this is not about some unprecedented Harry Potter-like situation. Our thoughts actually affect how we perceive the world, ourselves and others. If we think about what’s around us more positively, automatically everything is no longer so scary or annoying. Just such a little positive magic.

It is generally accepted that positive thoughts have a beneficial effect on us as a whole, both mind and body. There’s probably something to this. Optimists get sick less and usually live longer than those perpetually complaining. However, humans can be perverse by nature and somehow “automatically” our thoughts like to revolve around the negative. There is a prescription for this. It is positive affirmations. You can dose them to yourself at will, without risk, without prescription and standing in lines. As it happens with artificial enhancers, you need to spend some time, put some effort into special methods and you create for yourself a new reality in line with your aspirations. Creation requires three basic things: idea, word and deed. An idea is an idea, a desire, a clear statement of what you really want. Once you know for sure what you need most now, you can fill the idea with the magical power of the word. The word will power your idea with energy, because verbalizing certain aspirations is nothing but filling them with the potential to make them materialize in your reality.

The power of words can be seen at every turn. The basis, of course, is positive thinking, because it is our thoughts that create the world around us. If you constantly tell yourself that “you’re unlucky and nothing works out for you,” then indeed fate seems to have conspired – you fail at every turn. However, those who go to the office to settle a very difficult matter and smilingly claim “I’ll settle it for sure!” are putting their best foot forward. The power of spoken thoughts can also be seen very clearly in situations that someone has, for example, “punched out.” This is not always associated with the ability to predict. More often, an unpleasant situation is caused by just creating it by constantly repeating that it will definitely happen.

Since we can “punch up” unpleasantness, it becomes obvious that we can, say, “punch up” good situations. The planned creation of auspicious events by means of words is called affirmations, and specially arranged short texts are affirmations. Creating affirmations can be a very enjoyable creative pastime, nevertheless, it requires following some very important rules:

1. the text should be arranged in the affirmative form of the present tense, because by affirming in the past tense you are only creating memories, while in the future tense you are building an ongoing expectation that something will happen someday. That is, you don’t write: “I’m going to make a lot of money,” but rather: “I make a lot of money”.

2. it is forbidden to use the word “NO”, because the subconscious likes to lose this word and then the whole context changes. Thus, instead of saying: “I don’t get sick”, we use the term “I am healthy”.

3. do not use terms like: want, desire, need, because in this way you are affirming to yourself a constant want, desire, need. In view of this, do not: “I want to be worthy of love”, but “I am worthy of love”.

4. Avoid terms with a negative connotation. Create a space that is harmonious and filled only by positives. For example, the affirmation should not be “I am free from pain and illness,” but definitely “I am healthy, strong and joyful.” Similarly, the phrase “I am free from bad luck” will not be good, and it will work better: “I attract only auspicious events for me”.

5. The text should be short, concise and obvious in meaning. The more complicated elaborate you try to pack into your subconscious, the less likely you are to succeed.

6.It is better to avoid obvious lies, because the deceived subconscious may not understand our intentions. Instead of saying: “I have a wallet full of money”, while it has been shining empty for several weeks, it is much more honest to affirm: “I am attracting a large amount of money” or “I am opening myself up to high earnings.”

7. Choose words that harmonize with your inner self, those that associate well and are close to you. Sometimes instead of: “I open myself to economic security” will sound better: “I open myself to prosperity”. This is a very individual thing, so while I give a lot of examples here, it’s best to look for your own words yourself.

Once you have chosen the right texts for yourself, you get to work. Don’t try to immediately re-frame your whole life and all your problems, because the subconscious will get confused. You should work slowly, patiently and systematically. This is a bit like training a dog. Anyone who has ever had to deal with training a puppy has it easy in this regard. Just remember how many times you have to patiently repeat “sit” before the animal understood. In addition, note that when teaching your dog you used short sound commands: lie down, guard, fetch, stay. I don’t think anyone tried to speak to their pet in the course of learning with long arguments like “and now my shaggy pet please stay here under the store, because I have to store for dinner, and you are not allowed there, so sit here patiently and wait for the lady”. A short: “stay” took care of the matter, as the dog quickly associated what we meant. And here is an important point. When the dog is taught certain things, we can allow ourselves to behave a little differently. Accustomed to always waiting outside the store in the same place, he automatically sits down and waits for the leash to be attached before we give the command. Usually the good lady then speaks to the pet without giving him orders, because he already knows what to do and responds spontaneously. Likewise with our subconscious. When you teach it to respond to affirmations, when your life begins to change quickly and spontaneously according to the words or short sentences you say, then you can proceed to more advanced work and write so-called affirmation decrees every night. These are whole long texts, consisting of several sentences. Properly prepared, the subconscious will start fulfilling them just like short affirmations used to. However, at the beginning of the work, writing decrees is a waste of time.

Affirmations cause us to have the first results of work after a week at the latest. Sometimes the energy even takes off the next day! However, if after three weeks of affirmations nothing happens, it means that our affirmation touches the outer “husk” underneath which there are still others to work through. Then comes the time to work with a notebook. Every day, write about 20-30 times a selected affirmation that has not produced results. It only takes a few days, or sometimes even one evening, to discover the deeper obstacles. It is important to write slowly, carefully, focusing on the content and making a deep connection with it. On the other side of the paper, write all the thoughts that come to mind while writing down the affirmations. Most often, these are the very blockages you need to remove beforehand. For example, you affirm: “I attract a large amount of money” and the conclusion comes to your mind: “how can a fool like me earn anything”. This is a clue to the next affirmation, which might look like the following: “I am smart enough to earn a satisfactory amount of money”. In this case, lack of self-confidence is blocking finances. Until you change this code, the affirmation about attracting money won’t work. Don’t be dismayed if you find that there are several such negative codes. Just reaffirm them one by one. You have an excellent tool for working with the subconscious, you just need to devote some time to it.

Don’t forget to dream, too! Imagining a desired situation, meditating on it, feeling with your whole self the good sensations and positive emotions that accompany fulfillment are powerful tools for creating reality. If you indulge in pleasant dreams every evening before going to sleep, what you desire will soon manifest in your life.

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