A spell for attracting a partner

A spell for attracting a partner

For those who are at the stage of looking for a life partner, I would like to present a spell for attracting and inviting a partner into our lives.

You can cast it during the full moon, as well as during the period between the new moon and the full moon, when the moon arrives. In addition, the Sabbath of Beltaine, Kupala Night, St. Valentine’s Day are also ideal times to conjure up love in our lives.

However, I would like to sensitize you to a very important point. Any magical activity should be approached with caution and responsibility and respect for the energy. If you don’t feel up to it, don’t perform the spell yourself. Contrary to appearances, such a spell is not just lighting a candle, but requires you to concentrate your thoughts very deeply (your thoughts must be clear and your intention pure). You can’t think during the ritual, for example, that you didn’t have time to do your shopping today or that you need to take out the garbage. During magical actions, we focus and concentrate on the purpose of the action.

What do you need to cast a spell to attract a partner/partner:

– straight white candle,

– straight pink candle,

– straight red candle,

– rose oil, jasmine oil

– rose and jasmine incense,

– ribbon or thread white, pink and red,

– toothpick,

– card and pen,

– an ashtray or other heatproof vessel,

– a cloth bag in a color that you associate with love,

– a saucer for the white candle and a plate for the pink and red candle (the two will be on one plate).

Casting a spell:

On the day of the full moon, you should take a bath before approaching the spell. Then it’s a good idea to set aside some space whether it’s a dresser or a small table to create an altar for laying the ritual accessories. On this altar, place all the ingredients that I have given above. In addition, you can place on it things that you associate with feelings of love and partnership, such as jewelry, an angel figurine (for those who work with archangels and angels), flowers and even stones, such as rose quartz.

Once the altar is ready and you have all the ingredients prepared, proceed.

The first activity is to create an image of the Partner with whom you want to build a relationship, his physical (appearance) and mental (character, expectations, intentions) features. Involve all your senses in this process. Feel his smell, his touch. Then transfer this image to paper, describing in words. In addition, describe yourself, how you want to be in relation to your partner and what you want your relationship to be. The most important point, which I will repeat often. Do not describe a specific person, but an imaginary partner, without suggesting anyone. This is probably the most difficult part of the ritual and requires us to really work hard. However, this is the perfect time to specify your desires and dreams, and this will make you more goal-oriented.

Next, light a white candle by saying the following words: “I light this sacred flame to cleanse the space and protect me during this activity.” Once it is burning you light the jasmine and rose incense and prepare the other candles as follows. On the pink and red candle, carve the words “your name and date of birth and also the word LOVE” with a toothpick.

Why the pink and red candle? Well, the pink one is supposed to represent the feelings of partnership friendship, respect and tenderness in the relationship. It represents such love from the spirit level. The red candle, on the other hand, is supposed to symbolize this love more from the physical level, which is also very important in a relationship. It is supposed to add a spark of passion and hot love.

Take the candles prepared in this way between your hands and anoint each with oils. The pink one with rose oil and the red one with jasmine oil.

Lubricate them from bottom to top, with the pink candle imagining the emotions of friendship, peace, harmony and happiness with your future partner. On the other hand, with the red one, imagine the feelings of love and passion you desire.

The vision of a partner is to be based on a set of qualities and emotions associated with him, possibly appearance. However, it is to be a person you do not know. We never perform such a spell on a specific person. You may suffer the consequences of such actions even through your next incarnations, so believe me it is not worth it. We do not go so far as to act to restrict the free will of others.

Next, light both candles, placing them on a plate, but let the distance between the candles remain about 10 cm. While lighting the candles, say the following words:

“I am in a happy, satisfying relationship in all respects with the most suitable partner for me”.

The next activity is to take threads: white, pink and red. With the white thread you tie the pink and red candle saying: “Let my intentions be pure, in accordance with the will of my soul.” You tie another pink and red thread and say: “Let love, passion, respect and harmony be mine, with the most suitable partner for me. Let this or something better be my share and everyone associated with it.”

The last thing we need to do is to read the card with the described partner and then burn it in a ladle. We burn the card from a white candle.

All candles should burn to the end and the remains of the candles and ashes from the card should be poured into a cloth bag and carried with you or placed by your bed as an amulet to attract love into your life.

Finally, I would like to alert you to a couple of important, purely technical issues. When it comes to performing any kind of ritual, especially with candles, the first and foremost thing to do is to ensure safety. There are several important points:

– always put proper utensils under the candles, so as not to dirty the table or other place where the rituals are performed,

– cast-iron vessels for burning or candles work best, as they are very resistant to cracking, but they too, in turn, must not stand directly on plastic or wooden furniture, as they can deform it,

– try not to leave the candles alone, without observation, because during the rituals the energies work differently and can sometimes have very surprising phenomena, such as a splashing candle, candlestick cracking, candle spilling outside the candlestick, etc.

– if you have to leave the candle alone pay attention to whether there is no possibility of setting fire to anything around the candle

– I advise you to choose good quality candles, the best are those of wax not paraffin, because those of inferior quality burn worse and even break,

– if a candle goes out during this ritual, you can light it again, while in any other ritual a candle that goes out may cause the need to start the ritual from the beginning. If possible, I will always try to include such information for you when giving the ritual.

As for the spell shown above, it is time-consuming and certainly requires a lot of preparation, but it is worth performing. I ask you not to change the recipe, it is to be performed according to the guidelines given.

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