Money spells reviews- few facts

Money spells reviews- few facts

The dream of almost every person is to find a way to have an unlimited supply of cash. It seems that a certain financial situation would solve all problems. For centuries, wealth has been a desire of mankind, sought also on the plane of magic – such, after all, was one of the uses of the philosopher’s stone. Unfortunately, the way is not so simple, although this does not at all mean that magic will not help us achieve such a goal.

Our entire life – our surroundings, work, events – is a reflection of our inner world. With our behavior and thinking we influence what will happen. To begin with, it is worth looking at our apartment, with which we are strongly connected, and often forget about it. Every thing in the house is a symbol of a certain part of our lives. If we don’t see to it that everything in our immediate environment functions properly, things will start to go wrong in life as well.

Water is related to money – so in order to improve the financial situation, let’s check if everything related to water is working well. It could be leaky pipes, leaky taps, maybe a neighbor slightly flooded us, and we didn’t notice it and didn’t wipe up the leaks. Maybe some pipes are suitable for replacement. This is the time to take care of it, call a plumber and let him fix what should have been done long ago. This mundane way is essential to move on in the rituals. Tying green ribbons on the pipes can also be helpful, as this color is also responsible for financial security, thus strengthening the power of water. We can also use runes. The rune Inguz, responsible for fertility, placed near the meters will help with savings.

The escape of money from the house is encouraged not only by faults, but also by clutter. Wanting to make the house financially stable, we must first make sure that it is tidy, in a cluttered apartment money will not appear. Sometimes, however, cleaning may not be enough, possibly because the energy in our apartment flows in the wrong way through poor furniture placement. The problem will be solved by applying the principles of feng shui, but it will require more changes and commitment. This will improve all aspects of our life.

When cleaning, let’s take special care of those elements that are responsible for money, put scattered loose change in one place, such as a piggy bank, put bills in one binder. And everything is best set in one part of the apartment instead of putting it anywhere.

As I mentioned earlier, everything is a reflection of the state of mind. So if we want prosperity, we need to change our attitude. Usually when things get worse, we start whining and feeling sorry for ourselves, which only adds to the trouble. Let us take proof from people who are always successful – they are confident and optimistic people. Also, instead of carrying money in our pockets, let’s buy a new wallet – preferably a red one because it will attract cash or a green one, conducive to saving. According to the methods known to our grandmothers, it is advisable to put the shell of a Christmas Eve carp in the wallet, it will encourage an influx of cash throughout the year. At each Christmas Eve, the husk should be changed. Instead of the shell (or together with it), you can also carry Chinese coins tied with red thread in your wallet. Such coins can also be kept at home with equal success.

Another piece of advice from grandmothers, not to put the purses on the ground, should also be followed, as this is a way that unfortunately makes the money run away instead of coming to us. The advice that wealth in the home is also known to be fostered by having an image of a Jew holding money. Some of the beliefs of previous generations have already been forgotten, but it’s worth asking around, as you can learn many new ways to help you get money. Few remember that giving money should be done with the right hand and receiving with the left, and never the other way around. However, it is worth refreshing all these tips and using them to amplify their power.

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