The magic of color and the magic of mood

The magic of color and the magic of mood

Each of us is a unique human specimen. A being with a certain personality, having this and not that temperament, taste, musical, culinary and other preferences. We may also feel a certain fondness for particular colors without even knowing why. Just that, we like them, and that’s it. It may be that particular colors particularly resonate with our personality. The explanation for such a situation is that colors have a certain level of energetic vibration, which can especially align with the energetic vibrations we ourselves send out to other people and the whole environment. Similarly, by choosing to wear a piece of clothing in a particular color, we can show what’s in our souls. As well as effectively influence our mood, unless we happen to be in peak form that day.

Let’s start with one of the noblest of colors, white. It is the color of elegance, symbolizing class, as well as aspiring to the upper classes. In Christianity, it symbolizes innocence, purity, and the beginning of a new stage in life. It can also indicate openness to new experiences.

Red is often the favorite color of people with an extroverted personality, with a fiery temperament, including sexual. The color of love, passion, lust, aggression. Red has a strong stimulating effect, so it is often encountered as part of the decor of restaurants and pleasure establishments. Red as an element of closet is meant to give someone a feisty look.

Orange is also a stimulating color, although to a lesser extent than red. Orange has antidepressant properties, and is therefore recommended as a remedy for states of chronic fatigue, overwork, job burnout, depression. As an addition in the closet or interior design, the color orange is said to symbolize an optimistic attitude towards oneself and life in general.

Yellow – the color of sunshine, joy, optimism. It has a stimulating effect, encourages action. It is often chosen by people with a lot of creativity and a desire for creative realization. It is not uncommonly chosen by the so-called souls of company, craving attention and the presence of other people. On the negative side, the tendency to surround oneself with the color yellow can suggest nervousness, alienation and jealousy.

The color gold is chosen by people who wish to confirm their (often high) material and social status. Associated with wealth, power and might, gold in everyday life can mean a (sometimes desperate) attempt to draw attention to oneself.

Green is chosen by those seeking inner harmony, wishing to live in harmony with themselves and the surrounding world. Green symbolizes life, vitality, the forces of nature. There is a reason why environmentalists are commonly called green. Green is chosen by sensitive people with an unobtrusive, calm, introverted nature. It also happens that a love of green can indicate a predisposition to fall into neurotic states.

Elements of blue in clothing or surroundings indicate that a person who has chosen this color is creative and unconventional, has an artistic predisposition or is even an artist (and not always and not everywhere can give expression to this). They often express themselves through unconventional choice of colors, accessories. They may be the type of sensitive idealist, dreamer. Sometimes their artistic activities are such a kind of escape from themselves, but not from themselves, but from loneliness.

The color navy blue helps to maintain inner rigor, discipline emphasizes responsibility, neatness and reliability of the person who wears it. But it can also be the case that someone wears navy blue, as it were, “to spare” or, in other words, “to grow up”, wishing to develop the qualities that the color symbolizes.

Pink is perhaps indicative of a hidden longing for the safe, magical world of childhood, romantic elation and the search for a sense of security. A sharper pink, more landish, can betray a love of things tasteful otherwise, or simply kitsch.

The color filet – symbolizes a move away from material matters and a shift of attention to spiritual matters. On the esoteric level, it symbolizes contact with the inner, third eye, clairvoyant ability and parapsychological predisposition.

Gray as an intermediate color between black and white is often chosen by people seeking inner harmony.

Brown color – is chosen by people full of inner inhibitions, perhaps complexes. This color means that they are looking for stability and a sense of security.

Silver color – stands for chivalrous character, sensitivity, nobility. It is liked by extremely sensitive people, sensitive to various signals imperceptible to others, spiritual, emotional, expecting support. High sensitivity and emotionality can make them push away, alienate (which does not serve them at all).

The color black – on the one hand is a symbol of elegance, on the other, it is sometimes associated with the dark side of human nature, negative experiences.

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