What you need to perform the love spell

Love spell

Love is an integral part of our lives. We want to love and be loved, because nothing motivates and strengthens us as much as love.

Every relationship sometimes goes through worse moments, it happens that under the influence of external circumstances or our internal problems, conflicts arise that cause the atmosphere to thicken. There can be many reasons for this, but if the feeling between two people is sincere and has a solid foundation, then it is worth helping ourselves to feel a breath of fresh air in the relationship again.

I would like to give you a pleasant way to strengthen and refresh the energies flowing in your relationships. This is a ritual to help rebuild and strengthen the bond between partners. However, before we get to that, I will traditionally tell you about Health and Safety, during such activities.

This spell is intended for married couples and those in partnerships. An important point is that the ritual will not work if you are with a person who is formally with another partner. The partner should be present during the ritual. When performing any spells , which I give, I ask you to always be guided to act in accordance with the laws of free will and the laws of the universe and equilibrium. The following content of the spell and the method of performance are to remain in the same unchanged form.

You can perform this spell together as a permanent part of strengthening the feelings between you. It can also be a great opportunity to celebrate your anniversary or another important event for you.

The most suitable time to perform these activities is the full moon, which covers a total of three days, the day before the culmination of the full moon and the day after. On these days the effect of the spell is strongest.

The day before casting this spell, you should clean your apartment and do an energy cleanse.

What you need to perform the love spell:

– straight white candle,

– straight pink candle,

– straight red candle,

– rose, jasmine or vanilla oil

– rose petals or a rose in a vase

– red wine

– two wine glasses,

– candle holders, for each a separate plate or saucer or candle holder.

Casting a spell:

On a full day, bathe before approaching the spell. Then it’s a good idea to set aside some space whether it’s a dresser or a small table to create an altar for laying the ritual accessories. On this altar, place all the ingredients I have given above. In addition, you can place a plate with your favorite fruits and the mentioned rose petals on it.

To begin with, take all the candles and anoint each one in turn with the oil of your choice. First in hand, take a white candle and with a bit of oil lubricate it from the bottom to the top pronouncing the following words:

“Here and now I charge you with the energy of purity and innocence to help me achieve my goal in a safe and non-harmful way for anyone.”

Then you take a pink candle and this time anointing it with these words:

“Here and now I charge you with the energy of friendship, respect and harmony in my relationship to help me achieve my goal in a safe and non-harmful way for anyone.”

Last you take a red candle and, applying the oil, say:

“Here and now I charge you with the energy of love and passion to help me achieve my goal in a safe and non-harmful way for anyone.”

Thus prepared, you light the candles one by one, according to the order of anointing. Accordingly, first light the white candle, then the pink candle and finally the red candle. While lighting the candles, say the following formula:

“May the holy fire purify and ignite our union with the pure love that is within us.”

After all the candles are lit, pour the wine into glasses, but do not drink it immediately. Let the wine stand among the candles and flowers and fruit for some time. The candles are supposed to burn out completely. After about 10 minutes, you can start drinking the wine and eating the fruit. On the other hand, the remnants of the candles that remain after burning should be buried in the ground, frogs to ground the ritual on the earthly plane.

This is a very pleasant spell, which can provide a good excuse to talk and come to an agreement between partners. Remember, however, to always be consistent with the other person’s free will. Do not manipulate feelings. The spell can work surprisingly, so if you plan to cast it you must realize that the souls of the partners will show their will and the result will always be purifying. If you are to tighten ties this will also happen. On the other hand, if the relationship is not based on sincerity it simply won’t work, or it will show the partners’ true intentions.

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