The healing power of trees

The healing power of trees

In the old days, or in other words as it used to be in the old days, people not yet familiar with conventional medicine used the knowledge of quacks, whisperers, shamans and priests, as well as the gifts of nature itself. They trusted in the power of plants both spiritually and in real terms, submitting to their healing influence. The beneficial effects of trees on well-being can be felt by almost everyone, if only by taking a short walk in the park or a longer one in the forest. Contact with nature is a “cure for all evil”, which – like musical evergreens – unquestionably resists the passage of time. Perceiving with your whole self the forest environment-with its sounds, smells, sunlight penetrating between the leaves, the crunch of conifers under our feet… This is a great way to relax, especially for the psyche, tired of the multitude of things chasing us, all-pervading technology and ubiquitous noise.

In aromatherapy, essential oils are matched to the current mood of the person receiving scent therapy. It turns out that within the framework of eco-relaxation it is possible to search for a tree with properties that suit our specific needs. Let’s snuggle up to an acacia if our body is overtired and weakened, or in need of regeneration (for example, during post-surgical recovery). Are you lacking energy? It is added by pine, and the essential oils secreted by it will have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. Fir will help you regain inner harmony and tranquility, it will also enhance the joy of life. Birch will endow you with well-being. It is worth remembering this around the Kupala night – then this tree especially emanates good energy. You can check it out for two….

Greeting the oak tree with a warm hug, you will take from it some forces that stimulate vitality and concentration. Chestnut tree will help you soothe your shattered nerves. Rowan will assist the indecisive, giving them confidence.

Alder (varieties: black and gray) have properties typical of talismans – according to folk tales they are supposed to protect against the influence of black magic. It is worth to cuddle up to limba, having the proverbial bad, this tree will help to fight stress and support immunity.

Beech strengthens in us power and cheerfulness. Plum will inspire optimism and give the necessary strength to fearlessly face criticism. Spruce – reminiscent of strength and dignity – will strengthen such feelings in us.

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