What are spells?

What are spells?

What are spells? How can it be cast or taken off? Such questions arise most often in this matter. The simplest definition gives: a magical force that can harm someone or something. Belief in the power of spells is independent of the times, cultural background, or what religious system people believed in. In the same way, a mother from Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Oceania or any corner of the globe was afraid of charming her child. Why was there such a fear of a spell being cast on a child that in many communities no stranger was allowed near the newborn (and its mother) in the first month? It is now believed (and our ancestors must have somehow sensed it with their sixth sense),

that the infant’s energy aura is weak, permeable and vulnerable, as is its tiny bearer. Therefore, an energy attack in the form of a charm is easier to carry out and more annoying for the little man.

Most often local elderly, single women, quacks, enchantresses, witches were accused of casting spells. In a word – someone living on the outskirts or even outside the local community (literally and figuratively). If there were no such in the neighborhood, or they appeared rarely, suspicion could fall on a jealous neighbor. One could charm a child in the cradle, livestock in the barn, cows, what would not give milk or from a mysterious disease suddenly died, one could curse the land out of jealousy, what would not give a crop.

In times and places where a person depended largely on what the land and the animals he had in his care would produce, the question of accusations of casting charms was taken very seriously. An accusation of acting to someone’s detriment could be a matter of life-or-death importance for the quack or procurer – more than once and more than twice women accused of such practices ended up at the stake as witches.

As it was signaled, witchcraft and incantation were issues as independent and international as possible. Neither time nor space imitated them, and they were feared by everyone, no matter rich or poor. Although the poor could often only bemoan the fact that such and not another fate had befallen them.

As for the effectiveness – most of the online spell specialists are also involved in other divination techniques, such as tarot, regularly divine, somehow make media contributions. An ordered love ritual gives a shadow of a chance to win back a loved one. They also usually keep something like a book of thank you notes from satisfied customers. This is supposed to convince those involved that such a magical ritual is worth taking part in. Adults ask for good luck in social life, love life, business life.

As for professional protection from someone’s ill-will, those who are particularly interested will certainly find a method that makes them feel safer and freer. Perhaps someone may want to spoil our plans or well-being at a distance, but it’s good to know that if something happens we won’t be left alone with it There are those who know how to protect us from it.

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