Strong spell – White magic and black magic

The use of the knowledge of wizards, shamans, magicians has always existed. Every most ancient tribe had a person in their midst who could accurately predict the future, or had the power to cast spells. In the Slavic tribes, whisperers were popular, who not only worked magic, but were also great herbalists, with the help of herbs they were able to cure many diseases from which people died at the time. Similar was the case in the Germanic tribes, generally all of Europe was based on this. It must be admitted that such people, knowledgeable in herbalism, certainly saved more than one human life. In Africa there has always been a cult of shamans, sorcerers, people have a very strong belief in their supernatural powers. Here arises the question of whether the shaman can also be an excellent herbalist, or whether his job is only to cast spells, if the latter we can conclude that his power is not great at all, and use mainly manipulative techniques. The most important issue is whether someone actually knows how to help people with his actions. Returning to the topic, every cult, religion has its supernatural beings, gods, to whom sorcerers turn. In ancient Egypt, there was a very strong cult of priests who were indeed able to work with energies so well that they were able with their power to help many people with their problems. Of course, there is also the other side of the coin, if someone can cast a working spell, he can not only help, but also harm.

A division between black magic and white magic has become established. Does such a division really exist? Can we simply call any action aimed at changing reality magic?
In general, I think the division has a point. Well, it is agreed that any work with energies aimed at changing reality is simply magic, but the moral issue is important – whether we do it for positive purposes, to help ourselves or someone, or for negative purposes, to harm someone. An example of the first would be love attraction spells, which are performed to attract another person into our lives who also wants it. In such a situation, both parties are winners, we end up with a person who was also looking for love, and thanks to magical actions there is a confluence of circumstances, i.e. a chance meeting that results in a lasting acquaintance and falling in love in the long run. Such action is white magic. However, when we want to harm someone and order a love curse to make the other person not find happiness in love, because for some reason we don’t like him, this is definitely black magic, our action is intended to harm someone. Therefore, the division into black and white magic as much as possible makes sense and is logical.

Anyone who has encountered the subject of love spells, surely wonder which spell has the most power. I will list some of the most commonly used spells and try to determine which is the most powerful.
I will start with love binding spell, which is very popular. Binding spells have been cast for centuries, and spell casters use their own props marked with great power. The strength of a binding spell depends on the person casting the spell, and how much power the props that are used have.
Egyptian spells trace their roots back to ancient Egypt, when magic was generally very popular. Sorcerers and priests were recognized social groups, and people often turned to them with their problems, often getting the expected help. Nowadays, the Egyptian spell involves the best possible reproduction of the spell performed in those days.
Wiccan spells originate from the Wicca religion invented in the US in the mid-20th century. Certainly, the power of such rituals is also very strong, but it’s hard to find a person who can cast a strong Wiccan spell, because you need a strong connection with this religion to do so.

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