For what purposes is love magic used?

In this article I will give my opinion on what purposes love magic is used for. At first I will explain what love magic is. So, these are targeted actions to change reality in terms of the love situation. Love spells are dealt with by esotericists who work with energies. Now I will come to the substance. So, we can use love magic in a few selected situations.
1. to regain a loved one – such spells are aimed at regaining the person with whom we were previously in a relationship. The most commonly used spells in such cases are classic love spells, love binding spell and egyptian love spell.
2. in order to get a person we like, whom we know, but with whom we have not been in a relationship before.
3. In order to attract love into one’s life. In this case, the spell is not aimed at one person, but the magic is to work so that we find a person with whom we fall in love with reciprocally.
4 To increase success with the opposite sex. An example of a spell here would be a spell to increase success with the opposite sex.
These are the most commonly used love spells. Of course, there are also spells of black magic, such as a love curse, which is used for such a purpose that a person will never experience happiness in love, are performed with a vengeance, but such actions are definitely not recommended.
Is it possible to cast a spell yourself?

The subject of love charms is familiar to anyone who has experienced a breakup and is wondering how they can get their other half back. Personally, I think that casting a love spell alone is pointless, it is much better to look for someone who can cast an effective spell.
The question remains, where to find such a person? First of all, it’s worth reading online forums and looking through love spell review sites.
Another question is what kind of love magic to order. In my opinion, the best are love binding spell, and egyptian spell. I think these spells have the greatest effectiveness and ordering them makes sense.
What can you add more? First of all, your decision to use love magic must be properly thought out. If you are sure of your decision, only then is there a point in looking for an effective spell caster.

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