Secrets of the zodiac signs- Check your element

Secrets of the zodiac signs- Check your element

Earth, fire, water and air are, according to tradition, the four main elements of our planet, which create life and determine its existence. Astrology assigns one of them to each of the zodiac signs. Each of the elements has some specific characteristics common to each of the associated zodiac signs. As you read on, you will learn how each zodiac sign presents itself at the level of its elements.


The following zodiac signs belong to the element of fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. This means that if you were born under one of these zodiac signs then your life element is fire. People who are patronized by fire are courageous and go through life with their heads held high, bravely facing all challenges. They are intelligent but prone to emotions, so they are perceived as impetuous and sometimes even explosive people. For the above reason, they often have communication problems with other people. When someone does not agree with their vision or views they can be explosive and conflictual. Despite this, deep down they are very sensitive and easily hurt. The last important characteristic of people from under the element of fire is a strong attachment to material goods. They highly value a luxurious lifestyle and are able to sacrifice really a lot to make their dream fortune. Thus, they often put a professional career above family life. They excel as business owners and senior managers.


Another of the elements is water. It is attributed to the following zodiac signs:Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. People under the sign of water tend to be introverted and quiet. They focus more on their inner self than their surroundings. Despite this, they have a well-developed gift of empathy. However, they tend to hide their feelings and emotions. In extreme cases, they can be in love with someone for many years and not have the courage to confess these feelings. However, when their love is reciprocated they prove themselves as devoted and faithful life partners. Their focus on their own inner self makes them have a well-developed intuition, which helps them make accurate life decisions. They work best in professions that involve helping others such as psychotherapists, nurses or caregivers.


The next of the elements is earth, which is assigned to the following zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. According to their element, they are hard-headed people The main character traits that can be attributed to them are industriousness, constancy in feelings and life pragmatism. They are cautious people who need emotional and material security. Only then do they feel fulfilled and happy. Despite everything, they value family happiness more than a career. Therefore, men from under the earth element are the best fathers – patient and understanding, excellent teachers of life, fond of devoting time to their children. They perform well in professions that require accurate and thoughtful decisions like financial analyst, accountant, as well as in managerial positions.


The last of the elements is air, which includes the following zodiac signs: the Twins, Libra and Aquarius. They are people with highly developed emotional intelligence, excellent conversationalists and humanists. Often among them you can find academic lecturers, journalists or political activists. They are very sociable people who usually endure loneliness very badly. When a partner does not devote enough time to them they quickly find someone else. Constancy in feelings is not one of their strong points. Their disadvantages can also include a lack of peace of mind and excessive nervousness. The chaos in their minds makes it sometimes difficult for them to find their place on earth, despite the many friends around them.

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