How to attract love into your life?

What magical ways can help you do it?

The law of attraction, amulets, rituals and a change of attitude and mindset will help you find love. Many of us are lucky enough to experience it and cherish it throughout our lives, others enjoy the love of another person for a long time.

There are also people who have never yet experienced it, but they want it very much, because it is one of the most important needs in our lives. We desire to love and be loved by the other person. By other people.

Positive attitude

Use your intuition and positive attitude. In order for it not to let you down, you need to set your mind on finding love. But not a specific person, but a person with qualities that suit you. Remember that your dream loved one does not have to be perfect. None of us is perfect. Neither are you. And that’s why, if you accept other people’s imperfections in addition to their qualities.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is what can support you in realizing your desire for love. Every thought and emotion you have, which is related to your desire to attract love, causes a beam of energy to be sent out at a certain frequency. If you desire to attract a loved one into your life, then expect a positive response.


Another way is through affirmations.

What are affirmations?

They are positive sentences that, when repeated by you in a meditative state, make you identify with them and they begin to work in your favor. What is important is your positive attitude towards yourself and your belief in what you are affirming. If you don’t meet these conditions, the affirmations can work on you in the complete opposite way!

Talismans and amulets

Another way is through amulets and talismans.

Wear a magical amulet. This could be a pendant with the Gebo rune, which is responsible for the love sphere. Runes, according to Scandinavian peoples, have the power to influence certain aspects of life. If you draw it even on a simple card that you carry with you at all times, it will also work for you to attract love into your life. 

You can also carry a stone or a set of stones attracting love with you in a magic pouch. If you want, you can wear them in the form of a necklace or bracelet or other jewelry. 

The list of love attracting stones is quite large. Here I will give you some of the most available, such as rose quartz, moonstone, amethyst and several others. 

How to make a love talisman?

You can also make a love talisman. Want to know how? Check it out!

Below I give you a step-by-step recipe on how to make it.

Love talisman


a strip of pink paper

a pen with red ink

a pink or red cloth bag

2 dried rose petals – preferably pink

a pinch of cocoa

2 apple seeds

rose quartz

purple ribbon 15 centimeters long

red wine or grape juice

wine glass

Perform the ritual preferably on the first Friday after the New Moon or when you feel the need:

on a pink strip of paper write a spell:

I am with a loved one who is perfect for me in every way. We are very happy together. This is how it is now and always.

if you want to improve an existing relationship, write down the spell:

I and (name of your loved one) are very happy together. This is the way it is now and always.

fold the paper three times and put it in a bag

add rose petals, cocoa, apple seeds and crystals

tie the pouch with a ribbon, making six knots to connect the ingredients and your magical energy

each time you tie a knot, repeat your spell

at the end, say this spell:

“My spell is happening now. It is happening in harmony with the divine will, my own will and for the good of all.”

pour wine or grape juice into a glass and swirl it clockwise three times so that it begins to vibrate with your energy

dip your finger in the drink, then spray the talisman with the liquid to recharge it

drink the rest

carry the sachet in your pocket, purse or close to your body

you can also ask your talisman what place in your home it chooses and place it there. Touch it when you pass by it to give it the energy of your intention. 

Magic rituals

What are rituals?

They are a set of actions (gestures, incantations) that we perform to influence the energies circulating in the Universe and make changes at the energetic level. This, in turn, translates into shaping the real world. The more you believe in the effectiveness of a ritual, the stronger it works. 

How to attract love into your life through magical rituals?

Before you start performing the ritual of your choice – take a moment to focus on giving love to yourself. Connect with your own self and give yourself love. And then ask the Universe for love that is true, sincere and a good influence for all involved. This helps bring back true friends and partners, soul mates who will love you for who you really are.

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