Aura cleansing- effectiveness

Aura is an energy field (biofield) that indicates the state in which our body, soul and mind are. It is a multicolored envelope that spreads around us. It reflects our vital energy.

Aura from the Greek means breeze. Its color and saturation depends on our character, mentality, emotions, potential and health. It appears at the moment of our first breath, right after birth and accompanies us until death.

Meaning of aura colors

The colors of the aura vary in intensity and mix with each other. However, one basic color always dominates, expressing established character traits:

RED – vitality, charisma, ambition, life energy

negative trait: impulsiveness

ORANGE – openness, optimism, caring, thoughtfulness

negative trait: laziness

YELLOW – intelligence, enthusiasm, sharpness of mind

negative trait: shyness

GREEN – calmness, gentleness, kindness, empathy

negative trait: rigidity of rules

BLUE – vitality, spontaneity, wisdom, spirituality

negative trait: straw enthusiasm

INDYGO – caring, dedication

negative trait: lack of assertiveness

PURPLE – intuition, spirituality

negative trait: sense of superiority

PINK – sensitivity, determination

negative trait: stubbornness

BRONZE – humility, caution

negative trait: lack of assertiveness

SILVER – idealism, detachment from reality

negative trait: lack of motivation

GOLD – potential, diligence

negative trait: underestimation of one’s capabilities

The aura also provides information on physical and mental health. Intense and juicy appears in a healthy person, and darker and extinguished in a sick person. Equally important, colors change under the influence of emotions and moods. For example, when we are relaxed we are accompanied by a green aura, and when we are angry, our aura turns a dirty red. Each of us is different, and this, too, should be kept in mind when interpreting auras. You may find that caring in two different people manifests itself in two different colors.

Seeing the aura

Many of us can see auras in childhood, but as we get older we lose this ability. Fortunately, not irreversibly. However, it takes time, training and patience – a stunning effect will not appear right away. Seeing the aura requires simultaneous relaxation and concentration. Therefore, before you start training to see it, you should learn to calm down and relax.

Aura vision training – exercise suggestions

Find a quiet room. Prepare a candle and a dark background – for example, cover a closet with a black cloth. Place the lit candle at the height of your eyes. Sit down comfortably. Relax. Focus on the space above the flame. See what colors appear and how they spread. Sit comfortably, close your eyes. Breathe deeply and calmly. Concentrate on each part of your body in turn. Feel yourself relax. Start each aura vision exercise with this method. Prepare a large white sheet of paper. Place your hands on it and spread your fingers apart. Gaze into the space between them. You will notice the aura that surrounds your hands. Misty at first, after a while it will become colorful. Invite another person to practice. Have her sit against a dark background (as in the case of the candle exercise). Sit across from her and relax together. Begin to gaze at the space above your partner’s head in concentration. And this time the fog will appear first, and after a while – colors.

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