Soul healing- aura cleansing

Soul healing- aura cleansing

Nowadays there is a cult of beauty and health – we make sure that our bodies are not plagued by any disease, healthy food and a healthy lifestyle are popularized. The development of medicine is also staggering, the human body actually has almost no secrets, doctors have narrow specialties and we can actually go to a specific specialist with any part of the body. However, the most important part of the human being is not subject to such care – namely, the soul.

The soul – the immortal part that is the essence of the human being, immortal, but nevertheless susceptible to inconvenience and sometimes in need of healing. Psychology comes close to healing the soul, but it’s not quite that – like any field of modern science, it focuses too much on physiology and facts, wanting to reduce everything to repeatable processes. Caring for the health of the soul requires much more subtlety. The soul is itself invisible, but it helps to see – to see what is hidden and seemingly invisible, but most important.

The soul cannot be cured by drugs and remedies that we know from conventional medicine, although there are of course such attempts. It is wrong to think that the soul is exactly the same as the mind or the emotions that rule us. It is impossible to heal the soul by administering tranquilizers or drugs for depression. Even naively believing that it is possible to create pills for all emotional states – bringing peace, forgetfulness or joy, it still would not affect the proper state of the soul.

Diseases of the soul are mainly due to the inability to see its needs. We fulfill the cravings of the body and superficial needs, and forget about those deeply hidden within ourselves. A sick soul is one that suffers when we do not live in harmony with ourselves, unable to follow the path of spiritual realization, choosing the easier path of carnal pleasures. A path that deprives us of the sphere of the sacred in our lives, of contact with the cosmos and higher forces, reducing life to vegetation. Consolation is sought in loveless sex, in various stimulants or other addictions, destroying not only the soul anymore, but also the body. For the disease of the soul affects our whole person, it is the inability to enjoy life, and even more – it is the disadvantage of living life to its fullest. Most people also make the mistake of seeking a solution to a problem only when mentally it has reached the bottom, instead of taking care of their souls beforehand.

Wanting to keep our soul healthy, we must start by taking an interest in it. To delve into our inner self to get to know what lies deep within us, what we usually hide under everyday, superficial matters. This cognition, however, takes time, gradually getting to know all the joys and sorrows, true desires and fears. Self-discovery will keep the soul healthy, and this will benefit our entire life. The soul although invisible is responsible for the state of our happiness and fulfillment. Plagued by illness, it causes malaise, problems in interpersonal relations and a sense of emptiness.

When we truly decipher our soul, we will know our reactions to any situation. This will help us respond appropriately and, instead of falling into grief or despair, quickly heal and regain peace. Just knowing these reactions is soothing and instructive. We feel more and more inner harmony and self-confidence because we feel comfortable in our own skin and are proud of ourselves. Even when something bad happens, we want to cry and complain, we know what will best soothe our grief and pain. Then the tears become cleansing, we don’t fall into destructive sadness, but reconcile with defeat, so that after a while we have the energy for new action. A healthy soul is a force, it is a life-giving, eternal power that fills us and is just waiting for us to draw from it to the fullest.

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