7 most important Chakras

Chakras are energy centers on the body that are responsible for the proper functioning of our body. Both physical and mental. When they work flawlessly, we are perfectly happy, but when they don’t – problems begin. The chakras spin with intense, colorful light. There are seven primary energy centers on our body, which are located along the spine. In addition, there are more than three hundred smaller ones. All of them are connected to each other by channels – meridians. Through them energy is distributed in the body. We can feel it – pulsation or spreading heat are signals of chakra activity.

The 7 most important chakras

Each chakra has an important individual function. Equally important, it cooperates with the others for the benefit of the whole body. We influence their functioning ourselves. Resentment or fear hidden in the heart disrupts the balance between them. The consequences can be lamentable.


location: between the genitals and anus

color: red

psyche: vitality and will to live

disorders: lack of energy and sense of purpose in life or addiction to adrenaline

body: bones, muscles, blood, internal organs

diseases: blood diseases, joint and bone diseases, allergies


location: below the navel

color: orange

psyche: sexuality

disorders: lack of desire or excessive desire for sex

body: sexual organs, kidneys and bladder

diseases: venereal and genital diseases, sexual dysfunction


location: base of the sternum

color: yellow

psyche: emotional balance

disorders: mood swings, explosiveness

body: spleen, pancreas, liver, stomach, vegetative nervous system

diseases: diabetes, ulcers, dizziness and sleep disorders


location: center of the chest

color: green and pink

psyche: love, trust

disorders: inability to express feelings or hypersensitivity

body: heart, lungs

diseases: cardiovascular diseases, nervousness, quick fatigue


location: middle of the throat

color: blue

psyche: communicativeness, openness

disorders: stage fright or talkativeness

body: throat and thyroid

diseases: throat, ear and thyroid diseases, loss of voice


location: center of forehead, between eyes

color: indigo

psyche: wisdom, intuition, equanimity

disorders: entanglement of thoughts, intellectual arrogance

body: head area: eyes, nose, ears, brain, cerebellum, pituitary gland, endocrine glands

diseases: diseases related to the function of the endocrine glands, headaches


location: top of the head

color: violet

psyche: spiritual development, tranquility

disorders: inner emptiness, blockages in other chakras

body: central nervous system, brain, pineal gland

diseases: mental and physical illnesses related to the malfunctioning of the pineal gland and brain

How to keep the chakras in balance?

To begin with, harmony is necessary for proper balance between the chakras. Therefore, one should not take care of only one of the chakras – the one that is failing. One should take care of all of them. Daily meditation is important: quieting yourself, closing your eyes and focusing on your breath and the color of each chakra in turn. In this way we purify them and promote the proper flow of energy between them. We also recommend our ritual, called Shining Chakra, which eliminates disorders within the affected chakras.

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