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I’m looking for reviews about spellmaker.com. Please comments.

What’s on offer spellmaker.com?

-Love spell casting trio “A” Love me again -$159.95-299.95

-Love spell trio “B” make you love me $159.95-299.95

-Love spell trio “C” make you love me $159.95-299.95

-Leave my man alone $139.95

-Leave my woman alone $139.95

-Make you love me $139.95

-Marry me now $139.95

-Attract love to me $139.95

If anyone has used the offer, please leave a review.

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  • Hesssy

    I used it in September last year, but love spell did not bring any major results. Ex-man renewed contact with me for a moment, but then fell off again. Currently I don’t know what’s happening to him.

  • lila

    I ordered several days ago. I will try to inform you about the effects.

  • key

    Hello lila. Do you see the spell in action yet?

  • Kat

    Awful! Fake. I have purchased so many spell castings & spent so much money!!! No results on any of them. When you ask they get mad at you. They really had me fooled. I paid for so many readings & Mambo kept telling me to be patient, the spells are working, they just take time. Nope!! They just want your money. I am so hurt & disappointed they used my misfortunes to make a profit. I was so positive & really believed in them only to be hurt even more by them.

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