Love spells and more – where to start?

Love spells and more – where to start?

Rituals are an excellent tool for influencing our fate, they can help solve various problems and regain peace of mind. However, when performing them, we often forget that a ritual is much more than words spoken and gestures made. Each ritual consists of specific attributes that cannot be replaced by others, and only when combined with the right words and, most importantly, attitude – will they add up to a full ritual that is likely to have an effect.

Let’s start with the items themselves – almost every ritual requires the preparation of candles. One or several, depending on the ritual. However, what kind of candles they will be also matters tremendously, to be more specific – the color of the candle is important. The candle itself is an important magical artifact because it symbolizes the four elements. Wax means earth, but melted wax means water, flame means fire, of course, and smoke means air. On the other hand, depending still on the color of the candle, its vibration changes, which brings a specific energy to a particular ritual. If the ritual is to be about love you need to use a red or pink candle, for a career – orange, and, for example, to improve the financial situation – yellow. This, of course, is not all the colors and thus the possibilities of the candles, but it shows how this detail is important for the performance of the ritual.

With candles, other things are important. There are many rituals. Some require daily repetition with the same candle, so it obviously needs to be large. But sometimes, on the contrary, you need a candle that will burn out quickly, so we must remember to pay attention to its size as well. Each ritual should explain exactly what items we will need. Another issue that needs to be addressed in connection with candles is our safety. Rituals are good to perform on a white tablecloth, but it is better not to put candles directly on it. A tray or some kind of plate will be useful for this.

In addition to candles, ribbons, cards or incense are often used for rituals. They, too, are varied. With ribbons and cards, as with candles, the most important thing is the color – we must match it to the ritual. With incense, the problem is greater, because they themselves have great power and can be used independently. It is better not to add any ideas from ourselves with burning herbs, but to carefully follow the instructions of the ritual. This will protect us from any mistakes. However, it is always possible, and even advisable, to fog the room where we will perform the ritual with burnt sage. This will cleanse the place of negative vibrations, thus creating an atmosphere conducive to the fulfillment of our desire.

It is the cleansing and mental preparation that is the most important and also the most difficult part of any ritual. All the necessary items will be given in the ritual instructions – it is good to prepare them in advance, so that when we start the ritual, we will have everything at hand. Looking for something, or worse, leaving the prepared room is distracting and almost nullifies the chances of success.

But coming back to mental preparation, let’s repeat what we established at the beginning – ritual is not just words and gestures. What really makes a ritual work is the positive energy we bring in, and the power of our mind mainly contributes to this. The words and actions in a ritual only facilitate this, but the power lies in visualization, or the ability to imagine what we care about. However, the imagination must be complete, we must be focused, fully concentrated and relaxed. Therefore, the ritual cannot be planned in a few minutes. One has to prepare well for it. We, must be confident and determined, but also aware of the time it will take. The room must be clean, orderly, with all items prepared in advance. Only in such conditions will the ritual make sense.

It is also necessary to remember how to behave after the ritual. Unburnt candles or other used items must be destroyed, giving them to one of the elements. Preferably by burying them in the ground or throwing them into a river. All the time, however, let’s remember that if the ritual prescribes something else, let’s follow it. Also, let’s not spend all our time thinking about the ritual performed, wondering when we will see the effects. There is no way to predict when we will achieve what we wanted, and with nerves and anxiety we can only push that moment away. Let’s calmly and consciously think about what is missing in our lives and prepare for a ritual that will help us get it.

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