How to attract love?

How to attract love?

What man has always been looking for is love, he desires it and cannot imagine life without it, unfortunately, to get it is not easy. One can have everything and not have love. You can’t buy it, you can’t force it, but fortunately you can help it a little.

Of course, helping to get love can never enter the realm of the other person. Any coercion or manipulation of someone’s affection will bring bad results, someday this evil will return to us, because karma cannot be cheated. For these reasons, we can’t consciously cause someone’s relationship to fall apart, even if we notice their flaws and mismatches. Everyone has a role to play, and to interfere is to interfere with a predetermined plan.
What we can do is open ourselves to love. Usually love does not meet us , because we do not really want it or are not ready for it. Love is a positive and good feeling, and such emotions will attract it. Feeling sorry for ourselves, maligning fate and thinking negatively will never attract affection. Love rituals that can help thee won’t work if we don’t change our attitude and believe in their result. A ritual that is doubted loses its power. When embarking on a ritual, remember that it is best to do it on Friday, the day of Venus, and when the moon is rising. One of the more popular rituals is the one in which we will symbolize the union by connecting two red candles with a red ribbon. They are to be placed on some kind of stand a few centimeters apart. The red candle itself signifies love and passion, but to enhance its power on the saucer we sprinkle a bit of cinnamon, which is known as an aphrodisiac, and additionally lubricate the candles with oil, such as strawberry oil.

However, this was the easier part of any ritual, the second part (almost the same in any love ritual) requires us to be very focused. We need to visualize a loved one and the love that will connect us with that person. Then, but only if we have already focused really well on our visualization, we light the candles. They must burn to the end, of course, never going out. The flame itself will also say a lot about the future relationship – even and long predicts a very positive relationship. Wanting to take care of this, it is good to continue to visualize the expected love while the candles are burning.

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