Egyptian love spell using candles and amulets

Ancient Egypt, known for its rich tapestry of mystical practices, has left behind a legacy of love magic that is both captivating and intriguing. In this article, we will explore the enchanting world of Egyptian love magic, focusing on the use of amulets and candles to invoke the mystical forces of love and desire.

Egyptian Love Magic: A Historical Overview

Love has always played a significant role in human life, and ancient Egyptian culture was no exception. Love was not solely a personal emotion but was deeply tied to their cosmological beliefs and the concept of Ma’at, which represented balance and harmony in the universe. Egyptian love magic was, therefore, a sacred practice aimed at invoking, enhancing, or maintaining love and romance, aligning with their broader cultural and spiritual values.

Amulets in Egyptian Love Magic:

Amulets were objects believed to possess protective or enhancing qualities and were used as instruments to channel and amplify the magic associated with love. These small, often intricately designed items were inscribed with symbols, spells, or the names of deities connected to love, serving as constant sources of magical influence.

1. The Ankh: The ankh, a symbol representing life and immortality, was often used as an amulet in love magic. It symbolized the everlasting nature of love and was carried as a powerful token to ensure enduring affection.

2. The Knot of Isis: The Knot of Isis, a symbol associated with the goddess Isis, represented the binding of two souls in love. It was a common choice for amulets used to strengthen romantic relationships and foster deeper emotional connections.

3. Bes Amulets: Bes, the dwarf god of household protection and fertility, was a popular deity in Egyptian love magic. His amulets, depicting his jovial and protective nature, were carried to enhance love and passion within relationships.

4. Udjat (Eye of Horus): The Udjat, or the Eye of Horus, was often used in love amulets to provide protection and ward off any negative influences that could threaten a relationship. It was believed to watch over and safeguard the love between individuals.

Candles in Egyptian Love Magic:

Candles played a pivotal role in Egyptian love magic, serving as symbols of illumination and spiritual connection. The soft, flickering glow of candles was seen as a representation of the inner fire of passion and desire, making them integral to the rituals.

1. Red Candles: Red, symbolizing passion and desire, were commonly used in love spells to intensify the romantic feelings between individuals. They ignited the flame of love.

2. Pink Candles: Pink candles represented tenderness and affection. They were employed in rituals that aimed to nurture existing relationships and foster deeper emotional bonds between partners.

3. White Candles: White, symbolizing purity and unity, played a vital role in promoting fidelity and harmony within partnerships. They were used to strengthen the commitment and trust in relationships.

4. Blue Candles: Blue candles, representing communication and honesty, were employed to facilitate open and honest dialogue between partners. They encouraged transparency and effective communication within relationships.

5. Yellow Candles: Yellow candles symbolized attraction and happiness. They were used to attract new love or enhance the joy within an existing relationship. Their warm glow was believed to draw love and positivity.

Egyptian Love Magic Rituals with Amulets and Candles:

  1. Amulet Wearing Ritual:
    • Choose a suitable love amulet, such as the Knot of Isis or a Bes amulet.
    • Cleanse the amulet with pure water or incense.
    • Engrave your name or the name of your beloved on the amulet, along with a love-related symbol or verse.
    • Wear the amulet close to your heart to invoke its protective and enhancing energies for love and passion.
  2. Candlelit Love Spell:
    • Select a candle color corresponding to your specific intent (e.g., red for passion or pink for tenderness).
    • Carve symbols or names onto the candle that represent your love desires.
    • Anoint the candle with essential oils associated with love, such as rose or jasmine.
    • Light the candle in a quiet, private space, focusing on your intent and visualizing the desired outcome.
    • Burn incense or herbs like myrtle or rosemary to further enhance the atmosphere.
    • Recite a love incantation, addressing the deities of love.
    • Let the candle burn down completely while maintaining your focus on your intent.
  3. Amulet and Candle Meditation:
    • Place your chosen love amulet next to a lit candle, ensuring a safe and tranquil setting.
    • Meditate on your love desires and allow the candlelight to deepen your spiritual connection to the amulet.
    • Visualize your love goals and intentions as you focus on the amulet’s symbolism and the candle’s glow.

The Role of Deities in Love Magic:

Deities played a central role in Egyptian love magic. Hathor, the goddess of love, music, and beauty, was a prominent figure, often invoked to bless romantic relationships and foster affection between partners. Bes, the god of protection and fertility, was another favorite deity for those seeking to enhance their love life. In some cases, the goddess Isis and god Osiris, the divine couple of Egyptian mythology, were called upon to ensure enduring love and fertility in relationships.


Egyptian love magic, using amulets and candles, reveals a world of ancient mysticism and belief in the power of love. The carefully chosen amulets and candles, along with the invocations to deities, created a harmonious atmosphere in which love and passion could flourish. Although ancient in origin, these practices continue to influence modern beliefs and rituals surrounding love and relationships, emphasizing the enduring human quest for love, affection, and harmony.

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