Characteristics of love spells- The most popular love spells reviews

Characteristics of love spells- The most popular love spells

Love magic, known since antiquity, is considered the most developed branch of white magic – it brings us a collection of magical practices, spells and rituals designed to invoke love, attract the attention of the beloved person and win his heart, rekindle passion in existing relationships, and restore the hot feeling that had previously expired. Based on the law of love attraction, sympathetic magic ( it is based on similarities), and the principle of tangency ( for spells we use objects belonging to the beloved person, and his photos) we can proceed to magical practices using proven spells. However, it is necessary to remember a few important rules that must be absolutely respected in order to enjoy success. It is important that the spell does not violate anyone’s well-being, magic works where it finds room for realization. Therefore, if you want to win the affection of a person who, without any doubt, is emotionally involved in another relationship, the chances are limited. Love magic is especially conducive to the day of the week patronized by Venus, which is Friday. It is best to perform the spell during the rising moon, just before or during the full moon. It is important to take care to cleanse your thoughts, emotions – magic does not like determination, chaos, anger and heavy emotions, so you need to choose a day when you are in good shape, have a calm head and clearly defined, sincere intentions. To disperse negative energies, you can incense your home with white sage incense, use a natural candle ( beeswax), set a cleansing rose quartz in the place where you will implement your magical activities. It is worth taking a bath or shower to purify yourself, necessarily rinsing yourself including your head – we purify ourselves from the Crown chakra downwards… For love rituals we use candles dedicated to them, or two candles in red or pink, white candles are used for purification. The candle is always burned to the end, it is important that the flame, with which we refer to the element of fire associated with passion, is alive and bright – a good sign.

Below I present to you a selection of the most effective and proven love rituals for independent practice:

Love spell with a photo

To perform the spell, you should gaze with concentration at the photo of your beloved and say aloud your good intentions, invoke his / her affection with an invocation flowing from the heart ( you will intuitively sense what words to say) Light a red candle or two – let it burn to the end strengthening your intention

A spell to strengthen an existing relationship

You will need 2 photos – yours and your partner’s. Also useful: a jar of bee honey, rose oil, a red candle, red thread and a new needle. First rub the candles with the oil. Then fold the photos in half, so that your images are on the inside ( to each other). Sew the sides of the photographs with red thread, then hide them in a jar with honey. Place a candle on the lid. Light it and imagine your happy life all the time. Bury the jar in the garden, or a deserted place.

Witchcraft of the rose

*On Friday, take a handful of red rose petals. Holding them, walk a hundred steps from the front door of your house. It doesn’t matter which direction you go. After one hundred steps, turn around and walk back home, and as you walk, throw one rose petal at a time on the ground, repeating: Love, find your way, love, stay. Say these words until only one petal remains in your hand. Put this one next to your bed. Expect a new feeling.

*Take two rose flowers with stems that represent you and your next love, whoever she is. Carefully remove all the thorns. Write your name on one of the roses. and on the other one some qualities you are looking for in your partner, e.g. patience, intelligence, beauty (tie the cards with a red ribbon), then tie the flowers together with a string, throw them into a river, pond, sea or lake and say: he/she and I now, together. Repeat the ritual every Friday, or every full moon, until new love comes to you.

*You will need a round table, a red tablecloth, a red candle, a red rose and two pins. The spell in question is very strong, so in order for things to go well, you should first cleanse your space, for example, with white sage incense. Next, place a candle on a covered table and stick pins into it – the first just at the base of the wick, and the second a few minimeters lower. It is important that the pins cross each other. On the left side of the candle put a rose. When you light the wick, do not stop thinking about your beloved. Say the following incantation: “may your heart be lit like this candle, and may the flame show you my soul”. Repeat these words until the candle burns out to the point marked by the second pin. Finish this ritual by burning a rose.

Spell for making a proposal

At the full moon, stand in the open air (it can be a balcony, or stand by an open window) with a glass of dry red wine, look at the moon and make a wish “may he ask me to marry him.” Drink half the wine from the glass, and pour the rest on the ground and wash the glass as soon as possible, so that no one else drinks from it.

To heal a relationship after an argument

Sprinkle every corner of the house with a pinch of dried basil leaves. Move in a clockwise direction. As you sprinkle, say: banish anger and bad energies, let our feelings calm down and our hearts beat strong, so that the love between us will last forever. Finally, surround your apartment with verbena or sage smoke. It will dissipate the energy of misunderstandings that have seeped into the walls of the house. Witchcraft on Friday or the full moon.

Talisman for attracting the beloved

Such a magical attribute can be made from three ribbons – red, green and white. Braid them into a braid, which is then capped with wax from a red candle. At the end, the talisman should be fused with wax from a willow branch. With your thoughts, invoke the name of your chosen one. Carry with you throughout the lunar month.

The spell “How to entrap him?”

The simplest methods are usually the most effective. Circle your hair around the button of his jacket. This is very effective.

Full moon love spells.

Write down on a piece of paper all the characteristics of your ideal man. Then fold the piece of paper in half, smudge it with incense and hide it in an envelope. With your right hand, pluck petals from a scarlet rose, squeeze them tightly, then start thinking about a happy life alongside the partner of your dreams. Place the petals in an envelope, seal it, and make a seal at the joining point, placing a kiss with your lips painted with red lipstick.

Spell to summon a specific person

If you want to summon someone specific, it is enough to hide in a white linen bag, sewn with your own hands some thing that reminds you of moments spent together. The pouch should be tied with a red bow and carried with you.

The spell “How to conjure a lover”.

It can be performed at any time of the day, but it is necessary that a warm south wind blows (season of the year is arbitrary). You need red jasper – the stone of love and passion, a red candle. On a piece of paper write your own love spell. Dress festively and hold the jasper and the spell card over the lit red candle. Read the spell aloud, concentrating on it. After the candle has burned to the end, put the jasper and card away and wait for a full cycle of the moon. When it is again in the same quarter in which you performed the ritual, love will enter your life.

A spell to restore passion

For 3 consecutive days wear an image of the Sun hanging around your neck, (made of any material, preferably gold), and place it in your jacket pocket or under your partner’s pillow. This will awaken old emotions.

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