What is an evil spell?

What is an evil spell?

An evil spell can be cast on us by enemies, people who manipulate black magic, shamans. However, you don’t even have to want to, just a bad emotion is enough to harm someone. Relationships between people are nothing more than a mutual exchange of energy. A dominant personality suppresses a weak one, an aggressive one suppresses a submissive one. The same is true in love, when we succumb to the charm of the other person. However, energies work most strongly when powerful emotions are involved, and unfortunately the most powerful are hatred, envy, resentment. Some people are torn by such great emotions. Often they are outwardly quiet, composed people. Inside, however, a volcanic lava of feelings boils, ready to explode. This person does not think of harming others, but in his deeper, unconscious layer he has the intention to harm. And an arrow of negative energy is thrust into our energy shell, aura.

How to know that someone has cast a bad spell on us?

If your mental and physical health is gradually deteriorating, you observe a growing series of bad events in your life – it is possible that someone has cast a spell on you. At home or work, equipment breaks down, suddenly there are unsettled issues from many years ago, buried projects are waiting to be completed. In addition, you have nightmares, your thoughts are already only black, you can’t get away from them, you can’t see the light in the tunnel. You often become furious and hysterical, although this did not happen to you before.

How do you undo the spell?

In ancient Rome, to remove spells used …. saliva. The Roman physician Pliny believed that saliva even had healing properties – it happened that the family spat on the sick person in order to drive out the evil spirits causing the illness. In later times, the ways of removing spells were various. The magicians took them off by rubbing or touching the body with rue, bay leaves, garlic, onions, and hitting someone with leafy cherry stems. Another way was to collect the urine of the infatuated person in a pot, put it on the fire, boil it and finally pour it over the threshold of the house. Fortunately, today we have effective and more “civilized” ways. Here they are.

Remove the spell with scissors

You will need: large scissors, chalk, a candle – undamaged, white or silver, several sheets of A4 and a thick, preferably green marker.

1. Take the scissors in your hand. With your other hand, draw a magic circle around you with chalk. Standing in the middle of the circle, turn around your axis and cut the space as close to your body as possible with the scissors. In this way, you cut off any evil that clings to you from the outside.

2. Put down the scissors. Turning in a circle around your axis, push the air away from you with your hands, saying: “Evil powers, go away from me!”.

3. light a candle and say the incantation over it nine times: “Destrue Sathanam, effuge mala” (“Destroy Satan, flee from evil”). Then repeat it nine times from the end. This is a powerful Latin spell, known since the 16th century, which drives away evil powers from a person and restores peace.

4. Take a shower (not a bath!). The idea is to let the water run down your body. Imagine that in this way both your body and soul are cleansed.

5. Amplify your power. On large sheets of paper, write with a marker: Everything is going well for me, people adore me, I love everyone too, I am full(of) joy, there is no fear or hatred in me. Hang the cards by the mirror. Every time you see them, repeat these phrases like incantations.

Bathing to remove the spell

Pour 4 tablespoons of rock or sea salt into warm bath water. In spring or summer, you can throw recently picked leaves or flower buds into the water. Preferably those collected during Corpus Christi or Our Lady of Pentecost. They can be dried.

Light a candle and place it next to the bathtub. The water should not be hot, rather slightly warm with mostly cool water.

Before you get into the tub, turn the water tap slightly off and tilt the drain just enough so that the water has an outlet. In this way, you will be bathing in running water, which should wash away any negative energies brought to you by the evil eye, for example.

To cleanse yourself thoroughly, immerse yourself up to your neck (and even for a moment along with your head) and close your eyes for a short while. Imagine that larger and smaller specks of dirty energy are flying away from you and, entrained by the water, disappear down the drain.

Unwind the spell with an egg

This is a traditional method used by whisperers – it helps with all kinds of spells and enchantments. It requires the help of a trusted person to help remove the spell. All you need is a fresh egg – preferably one straight from the hen, and, of course, a strong belief that the spell will be successful.The bad energy will be absorbed by the egg, which is then destroyed. By the way, looking at the broken egg you can find out what kind of spell or curse has affected you. Read about how to detach a spell with an egg.

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