The power of visualization

The power of visualization

Visualization is the ability to see what we want to achieve. By creating a picture in our mind of the life we want to live, we know what we need to change in the present. It is an effective tool for personal development. Visualization involves imagining the realization of your desire. It works on the subconscious, which does not distinguish between truth and fiction. The condition is one – the image created in the head must be as real as possible. Then our subconscious will believe in it and remember it, as a real event. And after all, the more positive memories, the greater the sense of fulfillment and happiness! In this way, we erase negative experiences from our memory. We become cheerful and positive about the world and people. Visualization helps bring out our enthusiasm, potential and energy. It also makes our motivation to realize a certain desire or dream grow. We can imagine full health or success at work. Anything we want. Albert Einstein believed that “anything you can imagine, you can also achieve.” This one sentence best captures the purpose of visualizing. 

How to visualize, or practical tips

We perceive the reality around us through our senses. This is done automatically, without the participation of our consciousness. When we look, we don’t think about how it happens that we see. Visualization is like creating reality in the mind. It involves creating as accurate an image as possible in your head and engaging your senses to do so. The image must be clear and detailed. The focus should be on the path to the destination and the emotions that accompany us on this journey. See situations and people. Hear the sounds and conversations that occur. Pay attention to who is saying what and how. It is necessary to feel the smells that appear. Reach out with your hand to the objects you see and see what texture they have. At this point, it is worth noting that it is necessary to relax before starting visualization. Relaxation techniques such as meditation are invaluable in this regard. The more relaxed we are, the better our subconscious remembers the image created. It is also good to add affirmations to the visualization. The end of the visualization should be topped by repeating a positive thought that expresses our desire. 

Benefits of visualization

Greater motivation to achieve a goal and better mood are not the only benefits of visualization. There are many more! Visualization creates a safe environment for self-knowledge and growth. If we are shy or insecure, in imagination we can practice talking to the boss or speaking in front of a whole room of people without fear. We can also work on our assertiveness. Visualization also enables us to effectively fight addictions and even affects the immune system. After all, when we get stressed, our immune system becomes weakened. By creating a picture in our head of a stressful situation, we can look at it from all sides in comfort. It is then easier to deal with the problem in question in the real world.

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