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Throughout human history, people have sought ways to nurture and strengthen the bonds of love between themselves and their partners. Love binding spells, often involving candles and amulets, have been used by many to enhance the connection between two individuals. These ancient practices draw upon the energies of the universe and the symbolism of objects to create a sense of unity and harmony. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of love binding spells using candles and amulets, providing you with a comprehensive guide on their history, use, and ethical considerations.

Understanding Love Binding Spells

Love binding spells are a form of magick that seeks to create or reinforce a deep and lasting connection between two people. They are based on the belief that intentions, energy, and symbolism can influence the natural course of love. These spells can be used to:

  1. Strengthen Existing Relationships: If you are in a loving relationship but want to deepen the emotional and spiritual connection with your partner, love binding spells can help.
  2. Attract a Specific Person: Love binding spells can also be used with the intention of drawing a particular person into your life, provided it aligns with their free will and your intentions are pure.
  3. Restore Lost Love: If you have experienced a breakup and hope to rekindle the flame with your former partner, love binding spells may aid in your efforts.

Candles and Amulets: Tools of the Trade

Candles and amulets are essential components of love binding spells. They serve as conduits for the energy and intention of the spellcaster. Let’s delve deeper into their roles in these rituals.

  1. Candles: Candles have long been associated with spiritual and magical practices. They symbolize light, purity, and the element of fire. In love binding spells, candles are typically chosen based on their color:
    • Red: Represents passion, love, and desire.
    • Pink: Symbolizes romance, affection, and sweet love.
    • White: Signifies purity, healing, and cleansing.

The choice of candle color is essential because it amplifies the specific intentions of the spell. To perform a love binding spell, you will need one or more candles, depending on the complexity of the spell. The candle(s) will serve as the focal point of your ritual, as they absorb and radiate your energy and intentions.

  1. Amulets: Amulets are objects imbued with magical properties and energies. In love binding spells, amulets can be any item that holds sentimental value for you and your partner, such as a piece of jewelry, a lock of hair, or a photograph. These amulets are charged with the intention of strengthening the bond between you and your loved one, and they act as a physical link to your shared love and connection.

The Process of Performing a Love Binding Spell

Before you embark on a love binding spell using candles and amulets, it’s crucial to understand that these spells should always be performed with pure intentions and respect for the free will of the individuals involved. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Prepare Your Space: Find a quiet, peaceful space where you won’t be disturbed. Cleanse the area to remove any negative energies. Light some incense or sage to purify the space.
  2. Select Your Candles and Amulets: Choose candles and amulets that resonate with your intentions. Place the candles on your altar, along with the amulets.
  3. Casting a Circle: Many practitioners start by casting a protective circle around their working space. This circle serves as a boundary to contain and amplify your energy during the spell.
  4. Focus and Visualization: Light the candles and focus on your intention. Visualize the love between you and your partner growing stronger and deeper. Feel the emotions associated with this love in your heart and mind.
  5. Chant or Recite Spells: You can recite a love-binding spell or chant that aligns with your intentions. This can be a traditional spell or a personally crafted one. The key is to infuse the words with your heartfelt emotions.
  6. Charge the Amulets: Hold the amulets in your hands, channeling the energy from the candles and the circle. Visualize the love and connection between you and your partner transferring into the amulets. You can also speak your intentions aloud as you do this.
  7. Sealing the Spell: When you feel the energy is at its peak, carefully seal the spell by extinguishing the candles. Visualize the love and intention being sealed within the amulets.
  8. Closing the Circle: If you cast a protective circle, close it by walking its perimeter counterclockwise and thanking the energies and spirits that assisted you.


Love binding spells using candles and amulets can be a beautiful and powerful way to deepen the love and connection between two people. When performed with pure intentions, respect for free will, and a deep understanding of the energies involved, these spells can be a positive force in the realm of love and relationships. Always approach love binding spells with care and ethical considerations, and may your relationships be filled with love, harmony, and joy.

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