A spell to attract prosperity

A spell to attract prosperity

I will give you a light and pleasant spell to attract prosperity. However, before you approach it, it is good to define what constitutes prosperity for us. For some it’s professional success, for others it’s increased finances and for others it’s happiness in love or maybe all of the above together. It’s worth determining this before you undertake the spell.

The support of the spell is given by casting it at the right time, namely during the time when the moon arrives, that is, after the new moon until the full moon. In addition, you can pay attention to the day of the week. Thursday (the day assigned to Jupiter, which supports these aspects) and Sunday (the day of the sun) will be suitable.

Gather the following ingredients: white candle, coffee beans, cinnamon, sugar, ladle or baking sheet. First, light the candle that will burn while performing the ritual. Then, if one has a ladle, then on the heated chervil coals we put ground coffee, a bit of cinnamon and sprinkle this with sugar.

On the other hand, if one only has an oven, then one puts coffee beans on a baking sheet, sprinkles cinnamon and sugar and bakes it in the oven until the mixture starts to mound.

Then we take the ladle or the baking tray and firstly smoke ourselves and our loved ones, and finally we walk around our house or the place where we work. During the incensing we can say the following words: May prosperity come permanently into my life … (specify what kind). May it come to me quickly, easily and joyfully from all directions.

Of course, in the process we imagine our wish and try to arouse the intention and emotions of gratitude, as if this thing has already happened in our lives.

Such a spell should take effect in up to three months. If there are no effects it may mean that there are energies in the space blocking access to the energy of prosperity. It is then a good idea to take a look at your personal situation, as there may be a need for specialized verification of the problem. There may be many reasons for this condition and the solution should be approached individually.

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