Why doesn’t the spell work?

Why doesn’t the spell work?

You have performed a spell or ritual – and nothing. You think: magic is a trick. Or maybe you made a mistake….

People often think that it is enough to do what is in the recipe, and they will get everything they want. More – when the ritual is complicated or requires time, patience and hard-to-find ingredients, they get crooked. Because, after all, it takes work in life, and magic should be easy – a snap, and that’s it. No! Magic is complicated, and the effect of a ritual is a product of the effort, energy and faith put in.

Here are the most common causes of failure:

Errors in the ritual

Check if you are sure you have done the ritual itself well. Maybe you overlooked a detail? Magical rituals require accuracy, even apothecary precision. Every little detail matters. It is no coincidence that a strict amount of ingredients is used, such as 3 drops, 7 grains, etc. Recipes developed over centuries can not be changed at will, you can not replace an ingredient with another just because it is too expensive or difficult to obtain!

The effect of the ritual can be thwarted even by such a trivial thing as the way of lighting and extinguishing candles. For lighting, use only matches, not a lighter, and extinguish the flame with your fingers or a special cap, absolutely do not blow out the flame. This dissipates the energy that is supposed to work for you.

Lack of concentration

By performing the ritual, you are activating the dormant powers within you. But to awaken and subdue them, your mind must not be distracted. That’s why it’s so important to quiet it down and clear it of thoughts of anything other than the goal you want to achieve before proceeding.

This goal must be stated as clearly as possible, spoken out loud or written on a piece of paper, and above all, visualized with details so that there are no mistakes, as energy tends to work along the line of least resistance. When your mind wanders during visualization, it can happen that a side plot is realized. For example, when a thought flashes through your mind while imagining the goal of “promotion”, how it will piss off that jerk in the IT department, don’t be surprised if he gets promoted instead of you.

You expect results too soon

Magic is not a fast food bar where you order and get. You have to wait, sometimes for a longer period of time, nurturing your intention, reinforcing it with daily affirmations and not losing hope. If you lose it, you may not have cared at all. When, for example, you perform a ritual on your birthday, on the first day of the year or on the spring equinox, the deadline for realization can take up to a year. When during the new moon – usually up to a month, until the next new moon. In any case, you should then see the first effects.

Some rituals require repetition, even multiple times. It’s like taking an antibiotic – one dose or several is not enough, and interrupting the treatment may even harm you. It is essential to go through the entire treatment.

You lack faith

The effectiveness of rituals is directly proportional to your belief in them, it depends on whether you are one hundred percent convinced that you want them to be fulfilled. Any doubt blocks the flow of energy. You can tap spells, but if you think at the time: “it’s no use, after all, magic doesn’t work”, it’s better to go to sleep right away. If you do not believe, the ritual will be just an empty form, because it is your thoughts and feelings that fill it with power!!!

You perform a fertility spell, for example, because you dream of having a child, but still in the back of your mind you have: after all, the doctors said I have no chance of it. Well, if you think so, you actually don’t have one.

You are not ready!

A magic ritual is like a seed. Only in fertile soil will it germinate and bring forth a crop. That soil is your soul. If there is chaos, confusion, fears and bad emotions in it, even the best spell will not be able to change your life. This is a truth that few people want to acknowledge.

You have to start with yourself, cleansing yourself of what is holding you back. For example, if you want to get into a relationship, work on forgiving former partners and being more confident before performing a ritual to attract love. If you want to be rich, consider whether the belief that money is a bad thing has nested in your mind, and only then perform the ritual of abundance.

You will achieve your goal when you transform yourself into a person who is able to achieve it. The ritual will then only seal the process, the proverbial dot over the i. And then you will be surprised at how powerful magic is.

You rely solely on sorcery

And you do nothing yourself. Magic is not for the lazy! Nothing will happen on its own if you don’t put effort into it. Ritual can help, increase your chances of success, but it won’t fix anything for you. No magic will work if you sit back and wait for love, work and wealth to shower down on you….

Want to win the lottery? Buy at least one ticket. Dreaming of a better job? Send in your resume. Looking for love? Go out to people. Logical, right?

Is this a real need?

If, despite everything, the ritual still doesn’t work, perhaps what you want to achieve with it is not what you are destined to do, or wouldn’t give you happiness at all. Maybe Fate has other plans for you…. For example, you want to get a corporate job to earn well, but your life’s calling is to be an artist and create an epoch-making work or help others.

Or maybe your partner left and, despite magical efforts, did not return? And all the luck! After all, you wouldn’t have been happy with him anyway. And after some time you meet someone who turns out to be your other half, and whom you would not have had a chance to meet, still stuck in that relationship. Today, what seems like a misfortune to you, in some time you may judge as the best thing that happened to you in life.

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