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In this text I would like to introduce the division of love magic. So the basic division is as follows:
– White magic
– Black magic
White magic rituals include rituals to attract new love, rituals to increase success with the opposite sex, rituals to heal a relationship. These rituals are performed with positive intentions, no one is harmed.
Black magic rituals include separation rituals (to separate two people from each other), love curses. A love curse is another ritual to ensure that a person never experiences happiness in love.
There are many rituals that can be placed indirectly. These include popular love spells on a specific person, love binding spell, Egyptian rituals, Wiccan rituals. These are rituals to make your partner come back to you. If your intentions are positive, that is, you order these rituals because you still love your former partner, they can basically be considered white magic. So, as you can see the division of love magic, depends on the intentions of the person ordering.
Here is another interesting question-whether more appropriate, would be a ritual for attracting love, or, however, a classic love spell . In my opinion, it all depends on the situation you are currently in. Love spells are most often used to gain, or regain love. They work best when the couple has at least a few years of seniority, and has separated through a misunderstanding. If there has been a betrayal, then of course such a spell can also be successful, although in such situations, another of the spells – a ritual for attracting new love – is more often recommended. And why is this the case? Well, when betrayal has occurred, it would be better for both parties to forget about each other. The chances of a further happy relationship are basically close to zero. There is no point in wasting time on each other, it is better to let time pass and look for someone else. This is why a ritual for attracting new love would be appropriate. It will help to find another person with whom to fall in love with reciprocity.

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  • esan

    Hello, which spells are the most effective? From what I’ve read egyptian spell and wicca spell are the most effective. Is this true?

  • erams

    I too am interested in the subject of love magic. Would like to know which spells are effective and whether love spells are safe.

  • whelea

    Is it true that white magic spells such as Archangel spells have a weaker effect than black magic spells?

  • acea

    I am interested in the classic love spell. Can anyone comment on these spells?

  • oels

    Are Egyptian spells effective?

  • swin

    Hello, I am looking for an effective spell caster. I would appreciate your opinions.

  • esela

    Do spells also help in harder love situations? A few weeks a man left me. He stopped writing back to my messages. I would appreciate reviews.

  • ven

    Hello, the man I was with for two years found another woman. I wonder if I should use a separation spell first. I would appreciate if someone can answer me.

  • xif

    Which spells are more effective- wicca spell or egyptian love spell?

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