White and black magic

What is magic? Well, magic is the power to change reality. The basic division is as follows:
-white magic
-black magic
White magic spells can be called any spell that has positive intentions. A typical example of white magic is a spell that increases good luck with the opposite sex. Such a spell is not directed towards one specifically chosen person, but has a general purpose – that we increase our success with the opposite sex and find a person with whom we fall in love with each other.
Black magic spells are, for example, the love curse, which is a spell that is intended to ensure that the selected person never experiences happiness in love. Another example of black magic is a voodoo spell, which takes away the free will of the person on whom the spell is cast.
If you care about a strong and effective spell then you have come to the right article. You will learn which spells to choose and which have the highest effectiveness. I will start by introducing you to Egyptian spells. They have been performed for centuries and have their roots in the magic of ancient Egypt. When och performing spell caster uses props related to the magic there. Magic in ancient Egypt was very popular and flourished. Persons engaged in magic were highly respected in society. This testifies to the high level of magicians at that time. Other strong spells are during which the spell caster has much more freedom in the choice of props are love binding spells. These spells are also considered to be very effective. Finally, I wanted to mention classic love spells, which also have considerable power. They are less effective than the previous two spells mentioned, but they can also work in tough situations.

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