Water – life giving or dangerous?

Water – life giving or dangerous?

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of interior design, which provides knowledge about the positive or negative influence of the environment on a person. It conveys valuable tips on choosing a place to erect a house and the favorable arrangement of the rooms in it (or in the apartment) present. The application of feng shui principles ensures an increase in the level of positive energy in the house. In this article we present the importance of water in the art of feng shui.

The term “feng shui” literally translated means wind and water. Wind and water are inextricably linked with the philosophy of yin and yang. It says that everything in the universe is composed of two elements, female and male. They are opposites of each other and mutually necessary. What is important is the balance between them. It is exactly the same with wind and water. Landscape forms create and conduct Qi, an intangible form of energy. Wind lifts Qi and dissipates it. Water, on the other hand – accumulates. That’s why it’s a good idea to take advantage of the positive influence of water when decorating a house or apartment.

Water in feng shui

Water is a powerful element. On the one hand it is life-giving, but on the other hand it is dangerous. Especially when there is an excess of it. Then it is a source of natural disasters. Its excessive consumption also threatens human life. In the art of feng shui, water is seen as one of the components of the theory of the five elements. Water arrangements (fountains, aquariums, ponds) are readily used to enhance prosperity and wealth in the home. But care and moderation must be exercised when using them. It is important to place the element of water and maintain the correct proportion when doing so.

Rules for using water in accordance with feng shui

Do not place an aquarium or other water source in the bedroom. This room is intended for rest. And water emanates strong energy. In the bedroom, it leads to emotional problems in children and adolescents, and in married couples to lower libido (water destroys fire). It is also forbidden to hang pictures with its image on the walls or paint the walls with the color blue, which is its attribute.

In the apartment and home, the center of the water element is the toilet. Water is constantly present in it. What’s more, it constantly drains away. That’s why (this is no joke!) feng shui dictates that the toilet seat should be lowered every time.

The water must always be clean and fresh. Recently, room fountains have become popular. The presence of a room fountain in the living room, for example, is beneficial. However, it is necessary to remember to change the water in it.

Water in motion is readily captured in paintings. After all, water means abundance, and movement means life. Feng shui recommends hanging a painting with a motif of water in motion over the front door of a house or apartment. However, you should choose a painting that depicts water flowing toward us, not away from us.

The source of the water should be located in the eastern or southeastern part of the house. These areas are ruled by the element of the tree, which provides good luck and abundance. This principle also applies to the placement of the water element in front of the house.

The importance of water in feng shui is a vast topic. The above are just a few tips for using water according to feng shui. However, it is undoubtedly worth taking a closer interest in this issue.

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