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In this text I will focus on the topic of love magic, and basically write some situations in which it is better not to use love magic. So when is it better not to use a love spell? First of all, you should not decide to use a love spell under the influence of emotions. It is known that when we are betrayed, abandoned by a loved one, the first thought that often comes to us is to use a love spell. However, it is better to cool down and think everything over again. Are we sure the person who betrayed us is the love of our lives? Don’t we deserve something more? In such cases, it is better to refrain from using a love spell and possibly order a spell to attract new love, or a spell to increase good luck with the opposite sex. Another example of when it is better not to use love magic is the desire for revenge. Sometimes someone plans to order a love curse to take revenge on a former partner. In such a situation, too, one should first cool down and think, are we really that anxious to harm someone? The truth is that we will come out much better if we focus on our own lives and the pursuit of our own goals.

Here’s a basic breakdown of love magic.
I will start with the fact that magic is used for some purpose ( which is basically obvious). It is these purposes that define the division of love magic.
So, the basic purposes of using love magic are:
1. to win over a person we like. In this situation, we decide to use a love spell to gain the affection of a person with whom we have not been in a relationship before, but we know him. This can be a colleague at work, an acquaintance, a friend.
2 To get back the person who left us. In this situation, the spell is performed to regain the feelings of the person who, for various reasons, left us. This is probably the most commonly used type of love magic.
3 – Attracting love into one’s life. Such spells are performed for the purpose of attracting into one’s life a person with whom one is mutually in love. The spell is not aimed at a specific person.
4. to gain general good luck with the opposite sex. Such spells are based on increasing success with the opposite sex. They are also very commonly used.
5. curse/love revenge. Spells belonging to black magic. They involve casting a curse on a person so that he or she will never again experience happiness in love.
This division seems to be the most appropriate. On the Internet there are many articles dividing magic into black or white, although this division seems to be more authoritative.

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