Ritual of blessing the house and household members

Ritual of blessing the house and household members

The ritual of blessing the house and household members is designed to get rid of overdue energies that have accumulated over the past year and to introduce and channel new, fresh energies to support and protect the house and household members in the new year. This ritual can also be performed at any time. It will also be ideal for celebrating any new moon.


– straight gold candle,

– oil for anointing the candle (any),

– dried flower petals or fresh (any flowers),

– resin incense,

– candle stand,

– toothpick,

– saucer or ladle for resin incense.


The performance of the entire ritual begins, of course, with the cleansing of the living space and all household members. For this purpose, it is worth cleaning the house. In addition, the day before the ritual, or on the day the ritual is performed, it is worth having the household members take a bath in salt water. Cooking salt, sea salt or magnesium salt will be suitable. You can add any herbs to such a bath. If it is not possible to take a bath, then you can make yourself a salt scrub with the addition of shower gel. Rub your body with this scrub, then rinse it off with a shower. Such a bath cleanses our aura brilliantly and is an ideal treatment before or after any energy treatments. Thus prepared we proceed to cleanse the house. With resin incense we begin to incense first ourselves, then each of the household members. We perform this from head to toe on each side.

During the incantation we utter:

“I purify myself, I purify you, I purify this house

From all negative energies.

At the same time, I invite into this house

positive energies that will provide us with

prosperity, safety, security, protection, harmony and love

at this moment and throughout the next New Year.”

After the cleansing, we take a gold candle and with a toothpick write the following words on it:


then we anoint it with any oil, saying the following words:

“Here and now I anoint you with the energies of

prosperity, protection, harmony, love and security

for me and my entire family.”

While anointing the candle, visualize all these aspects as already accomplished. Imagine how prosperity (here, choose for yourself what constitutes prosperity for you) and the other issues direct themselves to you and start working in your life.

Then light the candle by saying the words:

“I open this ritual with a sacred fire that will protect this doing”.

After the candle is lit, we take flower petals and arrange them around the candle. While the candle is burning, visualize how the golden light from the flame spreads throughout your home, while permeating each member of the household. Let this light create an envelope around each of you and around the house. It will protect and secure you from now on and keep you in those energies you have asked for. The candle must burn out to the end, and pour the remains of it and the flower petals into a pouch, which you put or hang next to the entrance to your house as a protective amulet. You can use a ready-made pouch or make one from a piece of cloth of any color and tie it with any ribbon.

If any of you work with angelic and archangelic beings, you can call on a specific Angel or Archangel for this ritual. For this ritual, Archangel Michael, who offers assistance in clearing spiritual space or creating protection, among other things, would be ideal.

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