Magic mirror – how to create it and use it for rituals?

Magic mirror – how to create it and use it for rituals?

Mirror is a magical object known for centuries. It was believed to multiply beauty, money, love. It was also a portal to another world. Create your own magic mirror and learn about the rituals it can be used for. This is how the magic of mirrors works!

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What is a magic mirror and how to use it for rituals?

A mirror is a place where the boundary between the astral world and our material world, is thinner. This phenomenon has long been used to summon various entities located on “that side” – but not only. With its help, divination was used to divine for oneself and others, while looking not only into the future, but also into the past and… the present, moving to another place. None of these practices are safe, however, and even experienced magicians did not always control the beings that passed through the mirror portal during rituals. They also sometimes managed to get lost in time and space themselves, looking into other timelines….

Want to know more about the magic of mirrors? In this text you will read:

how to create a magic mirror

how to use mirror magic for a ritual for love

how to make a mirror ritual for beauty

how to use a mirror in a ritual for life harmony

how to choose a good day of the week for mirror rituals

Create your magic mirror

In order for the mirror to serve you the way you want it to, you need to know how to choose and clean it. For the reason that it is a portal to another dimension, the mirror you use every day should not be used to practice magic. The mirror for rituals should be new and round or oval in shape. Properly cleaning it will prevent you from attracting evil entities and energies you would not want to have with you. How to do it.

Remove all thoughts from your head and positively adjust your interior

Wash the mirror with lukewarm water, then with a cool infusion of mugwort (1 teaspoon of the herb per cup of boiling water), leave it to dry. This herb cleanses and creates a barrier against negative energy from our and astral worlds

when it dries, wrap it in a black cloth

during the full moon (in March – 18, in April – 16) reflect the moon in it and ask the Moon Lady to protect the mirror

on the back of the mirror draw a protective triple moon symbol with clove oil; expose your magic mirror to the Moon’s energy 3 times a year or more often

when you are not using it, keep it wrapped in a cloth

before each ritual, wipe its surface with a mugwort infusion (you can substitute it with a salt solution) in a counterclockwise direction, and after the ritual – in a clockwise direction.

Mirror ritual for love

Take: -mirror -rose incense -2 pink or red candles -red ribbon and cloth.

Place the mirror by the bed so that it reflects the sickle of the moon. Light the incense and inhale the scent for a while with your eyes closed, taking deep breaths. When you become saturated with it, draw or scratch a symbol of Mars on one candle and Venus on the other. Tie them together with a ribbon and light them. Say:

Love is approaching with the moon’s coming, Its energy fills me with happiness. Lady of the moon, bring me my husband! May our love conquer all.

Now look to the sky and thank the power of the new moon, extinguish the incense and candles. Put the candles in the center of the mirror, cover the whole thing with a red cloth and keep it close to the bed. You can repeat the ritual on each subsequent new moon.

Mirror ritual for beauty

With the help of this ritual you will change whatever you want in your appearance! All the parts of your body you want to change must be reflected in the mirror. Light a violet candle, turn off the light (or cover the windows) and stand in front of the mirror naked. Look at yourself and say:

Magic mirror, Such is my dream, That I may be more beautiful At a nod!

Now focus, stir up the energy of desire for change and, looking at yourself, visualize one by one how your body changes: smooth out wrinkles, decrease or increase curves, etc. Meditate with the changes for up to 13 minutes. At the end, look at yourself again and say the incantation again. Repeat the ritual in the morning and evening.

Ritual for life harmony

It will help you get rid of everything bad, regain vitality, joy and causal energy, which will make your affirmations and visualizations come true once-two!

Stand in front of a large mirror so that your entire figure is reflected in it. Breathe deeply through your abdomen for a while. Focus on your full reflection, then look into your eyes. Start visualizing your current situation and all that ails you in life. After a while, redirect the energy of your thoughts to the goal you would like to achieve (work on the next one after realizing the previous one). Still gazing into your gaze, raise your hands to shoulder height, bring the insides of your palms close to the surface of the mirror without touching it. Feel the warmth coming from it – this is a sign of energetic connection with your self.

This is a good time to reinforce your goal in your mind, or you can repeat affirmations out loud (e.g. my life is perfect, I have plenty of money, I am protected from all evil). Once you’ve roused the energy of your desire, see it clearly and feel it filling up, you can end the mirror session. What you feel and visualize in front of the mirror is multiplied and transferred to the Infinite Consciousness of the Universe, by the power of which it will materialize in your life.

Mirror rituals – on what day of the week?

In mirror magic, the time of the performance of the ritual is of exceptional importance, because each of them has its own energy that works on the mirror. Keep in mind the energies of the days of the week:

Monday – magic related to what you own

Tuesday – the magic of the forces of nature and the world and self-confidence

Wednesday – the magic of all good luck!

Thursday – the magic of abundance and prosperity

Friday – the magic of love and wealth

Saturday – the magic of freeing from worries

Sunday – magic of health of body and soul

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