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In this article I will give my opinion and a brief description of love magic. So, love magic is divided into black magic and white magic. Black magic includes spells such as a love curse, which is cast to harm someone, that is, for example, to make a person never experience happiness in love. White magic spells include angelic spells, Egyptian spells, spells that increase good luck with the opposite sex. That is, in short, those spells that are used for good purposes and have no intention of harming anyone. In this case, for example, is the classic love spell black or white magic? Well, it depends on your intentions. If your partner has left you, but you are convinced that you still love him and want to be with him, you know that he is the man of your life, then it can be considered white magic. After all, you are not hurting anyone, and your intentions are pure. What is different is if you order a revenge spell, only to have your partner come back to you, and then you plan to leave him yourself, because your current ego does not allow you to accept that you were left behind. Then it can be considered black magic. In conclusion, I believe that the use of love spells makes sense, and is a proper and effective method to win back the other person, or to increase success with the opposite sex, but I believe that love magic should be used only for positive purposes.

Is it worth performing a love spell alone?
I will start by saying that casting a love spell alone is not the best idea, because there is a slim chance that such a spell will be successful. In any area of life, in order to be successful, you need to have a lot of experience and come to your goal in small steps. If you have never dealt with love magic, and you want to cast a love spell because a man has just left you this is a rather poor idea, the chances of success are slim. However, if you are sure and want to try I can give you some advice.
So, first of all, buy a suitable set for casting a love spell. By this I mean a ritual tablecloth, candles, herbs. You can find offers of such products on the Internet. As for the choice of the color of the candles, remember that there should be red and green in the world. The red candle is to signify the love you want to restore, the green candle is to signify hope.

You also need to find a place where you will create at least a makeshift altar where you can take magical action. Place your props on this altar and try to utter love spells, being as focused as possible. The more energy you put into it, the better the chances of success.
However, the facts are that for a spell to be successful you need to have either great innate talent or a lot of experience. Personally, I have been casting love spells for many years and I have many spells cast to my credit. As my experience has increased, the effectiveness of the spells I cast has increased.
Which love spells have the greatest effectiveness?
1 Egyptian spell

2.Love binding spell

3.Wiccan spells

Each of the above-mentioned rituals is different from each other. I will outline these differences in a few sentences.
When casting Egyptian spells, props are used that resemble the props that were used by the priests of ancient Egypt. As for spell binding, the spell caster has a free choice of props and spells and chooses the ones he works best with.

The strongest love spells
In this paragraph I would like to introduce some of the strongest and most commonly used love spells.
I will start with the Egyptian spells, whose roots go back to the love magic used by our ancestors in ancient Egypt. These spells have a high degree of effectiveness and are considered one of the strongest. They are mainly used in two cases-when you want to win back a partner with whom you have already been in a relationship, or when you want to win the love of a person you know, but with whom you have not been in a relationship.
Another effective spell is the love binding spell, whose strength is comparable to the Egyptian spell. Binding spells are used in similar situations to Egyptian spells. Binding spells differ significantly from Egyptian spells, primarily in the ceremony of performing them. During Egyptian spells, the spell caster uses props reminiscent of those used by Egyptian priests. Meanwhile, during a love binding spell, the spell caster has much more freedom in the choice of props and spells.
In addition, classic love spell and Wiccan spells have their uses.
There are also other situations when love magic can be used. If you want to gain an increase in success with the opposite sex then a spell to increase success with the opposite sex is recommended. There are also love attraction spells, which are not used for one particular person, but are meant to make you meet a man within the next few months with whom you will fall in love with reciprocally. Separation spells can also be used to separate two people from each other. Such spells are applicable when you want to win back a partner who is already in a new relationship.
When to use a combination of spells?
Combination of two spells works especially in such cases when you want to get back a partner who has left you for another woman. In such situations, you can use a combination of, for example, an Egyptian spell and a separation spell.
What kind of love magic is best avoided?
I do not recommend voodoo rituals, which can cause a number of side effects. A person under the influence of such a ritual does not behave normally and may no longer be the same person as before ordering the ritual.

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