Love attraction spells

Love attraction spells

Everyone longs for love, closeness with a person who will make us feel safe and most important in the world. However, this is not easy, sometimes we fall in love with a person who does not reciprocate our affection, sometimes adversity causes us to be doomed to loneliness, and sometimes we condemn ourselves to lack of love. Something blocks us internally – keeps us from opening our hearts to another person. However, we don’t have to give in to this – love can be helped with magic.

Being in a relationship is the formation of a psychic bond between two people. Such a bond is much more difficult to break than physical intimacy, you can part with a particular person, but still mentally be connected to him. This results in the inability to enter a new relationship, to remain in the past, although the past has passed. All that is left is disappointment and pain, which paralyzes the heart from the possibility of giving it back to the other person. In such a situation, a cleansing ritual is helpful. One must face the past and let the bad energy from the previous relationship go. Only if we completely break the ties that bind us to our former lovers and regain inner peace, can we apply spells for new love. However, we must remember that love spells can be dangerous, for love is a great force and using or manipulating it can prove fatal to us. The awakening of feelings can be helped, but no one should be forced to love. Everyone has free will and it is immoral to force someone to love us. Even if one managed to do such a thing, it will never be true love and will not provide proper happiness. Besides, a person can always fall out of love, but the feeling caused by the spell is much more lasting. It may not be possible to free ourselves from the person we have bound to each other with the help of magic. As a result, we will be doomed to suffer anyway, so it is necessary to approach the possibilities offered by love magic very wisely. Wanting to achieve some goal, the best way, instead of casting spells on a particular person, is to create an amulet aimed at making our dream come true. Such an amulet is supposed to make us meet the perfect partner, but it will be someone we have yet to meet, not a person we know, who through magic will suddenly fall in love with us. The creation of such an amulet is simple. We need to prepare only a few items: three ribbons – red, green and white, and a branch of apple or willow tree. The last item we will need will be a candle. Candles are one of the most important magic attributes. They create the right aura for performing spells, and the fire itself has a cleansing effect. The simplest ritual is to write a wish on the candle and light it, then the very act of burning the candle is the realization of the spell. This is also what we need to do in this ritual, writing on the candle of the name chosen for our candidate. However, do not forget that the color of the candle is crucial. Candles for love spells are red – evoking passion, and pink – symbolizing romantic love. It is the latter that we will need.

However, the gathering of attributes is only the easier part of performing the love spell ritual. The real magical power is given by visualization. We need to relax and imagine our ideal partner – both his appearance and character. However, we can’t think of a specific person, it’s just supposed to be a fairly general set of qualities we desire. Imagining a partner can go a step further than visualization. We can use affirmation – that is, actually treating our imagination as a character that already exists. We should speak to it, talk to it, feel as if it were next to us. Let us express our longing and desire to meet already completely physical. The more sincere we are in this and deeply believe in it, the faster our desire will come true. Next, we give the imagined character a name or use a caressing phrase to describe it and write it down on a pink candle, which we light. In turn, we write our name on a red piece of paper. Continuing to focus on the image of our partner and what our relationship with him or her would look like, we braid a braid of colorful ribbons and wrap it around the name card. This braid will symbolize mutual closeness in love. We further solidify this with wax from a burning candle and stick the card and ribbons to the previously prepared branch thanks to it. When the candle burns out completely and the wax on the twig dries our amulet will be ready. All we need to do is hang it on the bed and wait for luck in the form of the man of our dreams to knock on our door.

Another amulet we can make is one in the form of a pouch. We sew a small pouch of red silk, obligatory with such a color, as well as materials and, of course, with our own hands. As usual, we set the right mood by lighting a pink candle and visualizing love. The bag should be small, as it will be most effective if we have it with us all the time. We fill it with dried apple peel, rose petals and two white feathers. We sprinkle some more musk oil and we can already enjoy a ready-made, fragrant amulet that will help us find love.

For the same purpose, we can perform another, slightly stronger ritual. It will require repeating it for three days in a row. For it, too, you will need a pink candle, or more precisely, four – one large and three tiny ones, if only the kind you place on a cake. It’s important that the small ones can burn completely quickly and, of course, be pink in color. Again we need to visualize our ideal and write it down this time on a piece of paper. We sit comfortably in front of the candle and before we light it we start meditating – for our mind must be cleared. This is one of the most important rules of white magic – for spells and rituals to be effective both in our space and internally there must be peace and harmony. When we are ready on the largest candle we write the name of one of the three runes: gebo, fehu or teiwaz and only now light it. The choice of runes itself must not be random either – runes as well as candles have enormous power and must be used judiciously. If we are looking for a partner-friend, with whom we will create a compatible relationship for years, it is best if we choose the gebo rune, which will ensure a good relationship, it symbolizes sincerity in both giving and taking. For those who are more passionate, desiring thrilling sex and crazy sensations, the fehu rune will be more appropriate – a fiery rune that usually ensures wealth, but also good sex. The second rune we can use in this situation is teiwaz, which is the masculine rune responsible for sexuality, especially useful for those who, in addition to finding love, would like to have an offspring right away.

After selecting and writing down the rune and lighting the large candle, we continue to focus on the image of our ideal and light the small candle, waiting until the whole candle burns. We repeat this activity three times. On the last day, in the flame of the large candle, we burn the card prepared on the first day with the description of the partner. The pink candle itself is worth leaving in the apartment on the large one. This is because sometimes we do not need the magic ritual itself, but only to open ourselves to love, which will come by itself. Pink candles or other magical objects related to love, such as the runes described earlier, should be constantly in our sight. All we need to do is get used to the possibility of love, and it will easily find us on its own. If the reason for our loneliness is love failures, it is worth redecorating the apartment, preferably according to feng shui principles. Newly arranged space will help us make new decisions and settle accounts with the past, and small talismans, such as rose quartz jewelry or incense sticks in the apartment, will give positive energy to act. For we should remember that love is unexpected and surprising. So one should not try to understand it or chase it by force, but open one’s heart to another person, and then one will certainly not go unnoticed.

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