Learn the secrets of love spells

Learn the secrets of love spells

Love makes the world go round, as the saying goes. That’s why most magic spells are cast for matters of the heart than for any other purpose. Since emotions are one of the key ingredients in magic, it is logical that love spells would be among the most powerful of all. Strong emotions, however, can sometimes cause confusion or throw you off balance. That’s why love spells seem to be the most difficult of all to perform. This does not mean that wizards possess their partners or wish for something bad to happen. But the heart is not rational and emotions can interfere with good judgment. When you want someone very much, it can be difficult to refrain from using magic to manipulate that person.

What makes a spell manipulative? The main criterion is whether it violates the other person’s free will. You don’t have to actively harm someone to abuse magic. You’re treading on shaky ground every time you force or coerce someone through magical means to do something they wouldn’t normally do of their own free will. If your desire to get what you want overshadows your respect for another person’s rights, you are leaning in the wrong direction. Think about the possible consequences – are you willing to accept what will happen? Would you advise this to your best friend? How would you react if someone did this to you? Trust your feelings – if you don’t feel good about it, don’t do it. Not everyone will agree with me on these definitions, but in my opinion: black magic means anything done to harm someone else. White magic is done to gain higher knowledge, spiritual development or to strengthen the connection to the universe. Neutral magic includes everything else including the Egyptian love ritual which usually brings the best results.

Let’s say you are interested in a certain person and want to encourage a romantic relationship. Your intention and the way you phrase the spell can make a big difference in the quality of the outcome. Instead of stating, “Matthew and I are now lovers,” you can phrase your affirmation in a more positive way, such as: “Matthew and I are now enjoying the best possible relationship.” Then, if it’s the best for both of them, that’s what will happen.

When it comes to performing magic, two hearts can be better than one – provided you are compatible. The mixture of yin and yang energies creates a strong, balanced creative force. Performing a spell with a partner to increase the love between you can be a powerful and beautiful experience. Many couples do magic together to conceive a child, attract prosperity or for other common purposes. Before you begin, discuss your intentions and feelings about the spell you plan to perform. Each of you should have input into the design and casting of the spell. No less one person is much more skilled than the other, try to make your roles in the ritual equal so that neither partner dominates. Remember that the outcome will affect both of you. Feel free to adjust it to your needs. Magic is not a rigid dogma; it is an ever-evolving, co-creative experience that benefits from the input of everyone involved. Your wisdom, your imagination and your power enhance the power of all others.

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