How to settle peace in life? Spells of forgiveness

How to settle peace in life? Spells of forgiveness

Each of us has experienced at least once being hurt by another person, and knows very well how much suffering this entails and how difficult it is to forget one’s hurt. Sometimes, however, in addition to grief, there are other negative emotions that accompany it, such as anger, hatred or even the desire for revenge. These are feelings that have a very destructive effect on our lives and perception of the world, so for our own good we should get rid of them.

Eliminating such strong and negative emotions is not easy, especially because we usually do not fully realize that we really feel them at any given time. So we must begin the ritual of radical forgiveness by specifying and verbalizing what we are feeling. Focusing on our emotions, we write a letter to the person who wronged us. We sincerely and emphatically express our grief, describe our suffering and accuse the culprit. The letter is not to be nice and formal, but informal – this is the kind of language that conveys our emotions. The more emphatic the words we use, the better we will feel. On paper we must pour everything we would like to say to the one who caused our anger, but then we lacked courage. Such a brutal formulation of one’s grief is not intended to strengthen one’s hold on these bad emotions, but, on the contrary, to get out of the situation that occurred. Strong grief remains in the heart for a long time, making a person weak and vulnerable to numerous annoyances. Such a letter-like confrontation revives in us the will to fight and take on challenges, while at the same time it does not force us to physically face the person who wronged us.

The ritual lasts three days, for three days or nights in a row we write such a letter, but each successive one is gentler. With each word, we already get rid of some of the negative emotions. We begin to see the possibility of forgiveness. By the third forgiveness we are already formulating. An aspect that speaks for forgiving someone at such a rapid pace is appreciating the act of forgiveness itself. It is something that makes us better, induces peace of mind and shows our maturity. So we can recognize that by having been wronged by someone, we were able to experience all that forgiveness provides. While the first letter expressed anger and focused on the recipient – emphasizing his guilt and how we feel because of him, the most important thing in the last letter is us. We describe what the chance to forgive someone has given us. The ability to feel love and harmony with the world. Awareness of self-control and self-mastery. One can also justify forgiveness by pointing out that everything that happened is part of a larger plan and the motivation of the individual does not matter much in the context of this. What happened had to happen, and therefore directing anger toward an individual is unnecessary.

In order to completely regain our composure, we burn all the letters and rinse them with water. Fire and water complete the cleansing for us. With the disappearance of the letters, all bad emotions leave us, we feel harmony again, we don’t suffocate our emotions, we are free and ready to receive happy events, because the good we have shown will certainly return to us.

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